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The 10 best investment apps of 2021

Needing an investment app? Come see the main ones. They'll definitely help you to invest better, follow the market, and get great results!

Learn the best investment apps of this year!

We want to show you the best investment apps. Source: Unsplash
We want to show you the best investment apps. Source: Unsplash

Certainly, investing nowadays is much easier. Because market opportunities are more accessible. Of course, thanks to the rise of investment apps. However, how easy it is to use such apps? Very easy! We want to show you how.

These apps assist investors, both beginners and top-level investors, to organize and comprehend their investments, as well as track the results of their portfolios. Actually, sometimes they provide much more, such as educational tools. Have you ever used an investment app before? They are excellent tools for consolidating the assets you already own, how much you paid for them, and how profitable each one is.

The truth is that technology is becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, and investing is no exception. This is because it can assist you in managing your asset portfolio, tracking your gains (and losses), and determining which asset has the best long-term performance.

In other words, depending on the intricacy of your portfolio, decent investment software can assist you with computations that would be nearly hard to perform on your own. So, when used correctly, it can help you make money!

To assist you in selecting the best investment apps, here is a compiled list of the ten top investment platforms. As a result, you will be able to end the year with your investments in order and plenty of cash in your pocket. Take a look at our selection and pick your favorite!

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10 best investment apps of 2021

Do you know what are the best investment apps? Source: Unsplash
Do you know what are the best investment apps? Source: Unsplash

It is critical to have a suitable channel for investing money in financial assets, in addition to being informed about your brokerage account. As a result, double-checking the quality of your website and investment app is a must. After all, a strong platform may greatly simplify your investment process.

New to investments? Know that these apps will always be your ally when it comes to managing your investments and, of course, operating your assets.

M1 Finance

OverviewIdeal for buying or selling stocks and ETFs
Account minimum deposit$100 or $500 for IRAs
Stock tradesN/A
OffersGet a $30 bonus when you deposit $1,000
ProsOver 80 professional portfolios are available to view, and
For ordinary accounts, automated investing is offered at no additional cost
ConsStocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are the only investment alternatives,
There is no assistance from a human advisor,
The trading window restricts your ability to control investment transactions, and
Customer service hours are limited

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Charles Schwab

OverviewSchwab does not require an account minimum and has $0 commission fees for stock, ETFs, and options. It offers access to 4,000+ mutual funds with no transaction fees, and more.
Account minimum deposit$0
Stock trades$0 for stock and ETFs
Options$0.65 for options per contract
OffersYou can get up to $500 in cash*

*Terms apply
ProsThis platform offers $0 commission stock, ETFs, and options,
There are more than 4,300 mutual funds with no transaction fees available,
Easy-to-use platform, even for those who are beginners in investing,
There is a $0 minimum balance,
You can get a promotion of up to $500 in cash, and
Great research offerings for users
ConsSchwab does not offer the option for cryptocurrency trading,
There is no forex trading available,
Partial transfers cost $25, and
Full transfers cost $50

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OverviewThis investment app has many special qualities, such as no requirement for a minimum deposit to open the account. Also, this app offers free stocks, ETFs, and options for trades.
Account minimum depositNone ($2,000 – margin accounts)
Stock tradesNone
OffersTwo free stocks
$5 SHIB and up to $2,300 in free stocks*

*Terms apply
ProsThis app does not require a minimum deposit,
This app offers margin accounts and cryptocurrencies options,
It also offers real-time investment quotes at no charge, and
The app offers commission-free trading for US-listed stocks and ETFs
ConsThere are no mutual funds,
The educational resources of this app are relatively limited, and
The app does not offer joint brokerage accounts, automated investment options, or accounts for education savings

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Interactive Brokers

OverviewHighly recommended for more experienced investors
Account minimum deposit$0
Stock trades$0
ProsAccess provision to international markets, and
Their mobile app presents a lot of features
ConsThey have a TWS desktop platform, which is recommended for professional investors


Check now the best investment apps! Source: Unsplash
Check now the best investment apps! Source: Unsplash
OverviewThe easiest tool available
Account minimum deposit$0
Stock trades$0
OffersAfter linking your bank account, you can receive one stock for free
ProsTheir user interface is simple, and
Trading in cryptocurrencies is available
ConsLack of tools,
There are no retirement accounts,
There are no mutual funds or bonds available, and
Their customer service is limited

SoFi Active Investing

OverviewSoFi Active Investing is recommended for new investors, but not so ideal for those saving for retirement
Account minimum deposit$0
Stock trades$0
Offers$5 to $1,000 in free stock for mobile users
ProsTrade stocks and ETFs with no commission,
Shares are offered in fractional increments,
There is no account minimum, and
Free financial advice is available
ConsOnly a limited number of tradable securities is available, and
There is a limited track record

J.P. Morgan Self-Directed Investing

OverviewThis simple platform is more recommended for beginner investors
Account minimum deposit$0
Stock trades$0
Options$0.65 per-contract
OffersNone (at the moment of research)
ProsA platform that is simple to use,
There are no commissions,
The app links all of your Chase accounts, and
There is no account minimum
ConsResearch and tools features are limited,
The portfolio builder feature necessitates a $2,500 deposit

TD Ameritrade

OverviewThe best trading platform recommended for beginners
Account minimum deposit$0
Stock trades$0
ProsThe user interface of their mobile app is quite intuitive,
On this app, you can trade various products, and
Their app has powerful tools and a wealth of information
ConsLimited mobile live chat support,
You can only trade domestic markets, and
Mobile trading of mutual funds is not possible


OverviewThe best online user platform
Account minimum deposit$0
Stock trades$0
OffersWhen opening and funding an account, you can get $600+
ProsA large number of investment options are available,
Customer service is outstanding,
Access to a wealth of information, and
Trade stocks, options, and ETFs without paying a commission
ConsFor streaming data, a $1,000 minimum is required, and
In comparison to competitors, the range of educational materials is limited

Fidelity Go

OverviewThe best for investment research and education
Account minimum deposit$0
Stock trades$0
ProsExceptional execution quality, and
Overall, commissions and fees are low
ConsMargin rates can be higher than those of competitors,
Their mobile device has no custom screening, and
Their banking services are outsourced

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