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Read on to see what this B2B credit management tool has to offer!

Thecreditapplication.com, get access to monthly plans to get B2B credit management!

With the Thecreditapplication.com platform, you can onboard your customers faster when making B2B credit applications. Also, if you have a small company, you can even find cheaper or free monthly credit application plans. Moreover, you can get access to a custom credit application plan if you need over 50 applications per month! You only need to call them to negotiate!

Read the main perks of joining Thecreditapplication.com!

Custom plans for larger companies;
B2B credit management plans;
Free plan for smaller companies;
Accelerate your B2B credit applications.
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Thecreditapplication.com is a B2B credit application management tool that can help you onboard your customers faster when you perform B2B applications. Also, you can choose different plans depending on your credit applications and how many you perform monthly.

They use cloud technologies to build credit application forms and manage business credit applications monthly. Also, they promise to make the B2B credit application process easier for companies by providing automated workflows, credit score engines, credit bureau reports, and other tools to help businesses.

You can get basically three types of plans with Thecreditapplication.com, which are the free plan, the premium plan, and the custom plan. Also, if you have a small need for credit applications, you can get the free plan with a ten application limit per month. Also, with the premium plan, you can pay $99 a month to get up top 50 applications per month. However, if your company is large, you can call them to get the custom plan!

Yes, Thecreditapplication.com is a B2B credit management tool offered by Emagia, which is a finance solutions provider that aims to create digital tools to help people create better credit applications and improve their businesses and finances. All of this while using cloud-based technologies.

If you have learned enough about Thecreditapplication.com and want to learn how to join the platform, you can read our post below to see more information about it and learn how to join!


How to join Thecreditapplication.com

If you need a B2B credit application management, you can read our post to learn how to join join Thecreditapplication.com!

With Equifax, you can learn how to manage your credit reports better and protect your score from going down by learning how to deal with it. Moreover, you can find features for businesses to get crucial data and reports to help your executives and managers to work better and grow your business!

So, if you want an alternative to Thecreditapplication.com, you can check out our post below to learn how to apply for Equifax and learn more about it!

equifax review

How to apply for Equifax?

Equifax offers many plans for credit & report monitoring and protection. You can even find business features! Check out how to apply!

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