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If you need a B2B credit application management, you can read our post to learn how to join!

by Victória Lourenço

Published on 09/21/2022

Join B2B credit management!

Learn how to join Source: The Mister Finance.
Learn how to join Source: The Mister Finance.

If you have a company and need a platform to help you with your B2B credit applications, you may want to learn how to join You can read on to learn more about it!


Credit solutions

credit b2b

If you need support to deal with customers, credit, and cash flow, this is for you!

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Also, is a platform offered by Emagia. And you can use the platform to get professional help with your B2B management.

You’ll be able to automize your workflows, have a digital assistant, and more! You can even get credit bureau reports every month. All of this to help your business grow!

So, if you want to learn more about how to join to grow your B2B credit management, read on!

Online Application Process to join

Apply online and improve your team's work. Source: Freepik.
Apply online and improve your team’s work. Source: Freepik.

Before you start your application to join, you should learn a few more things about it.

For example, you should beware and read all the terms and conditions of the plan you want before you start applying.

Moreover, you must be sure you choose the right plan for your company. So, you may only need one online credit application form per month and 10 applications per month. With this, you can get a free plan.

However, if you need to make one online credit application form and 50 applications per month, you’ll need the premium plan. And this plan costs $99 per month.

At last, if you have a larger business and need multiple credit application forms, you can get the custom plan. With it, you’ll get multiple credit application forms and other exclusive analytics reports!

To get any of these plans, you can fill out a form with the personal information required and wait for a response. On the other hand, for the custom plan, you’ll need to call to negotiate pricing depending on your needs.

Application Process using the app

Unfortunately, there is no information about a mobile app offered by So, you’ll need to complete your application online if you wish to get this company’s services.

Another recommendation: Equifax

Now, if you read all the terms and conditions and did your research before joining, and you are still unsure, we can help you!

We can show you a different credit product to see if it can solve your business needs. For example, with a credit reporting platform that offers services for businesses, such as Equifax!

With Equifax, you can access credit report data to help you learn more about your company and grow it! Moreover, you can get analytics reports and get help from advanced intelligence!

Also, you can find ways to create graphics with accurate data to help your executives, managers, and others with their tasks!

equifax review

Equifax Credit Score and Monitoring full review

Equifax offers many valuable products for credit monitoring and protection. Check out the full review!

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