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Want a New Career? Change successfully and make money happier!

Are you feeling down about your current career? Do you feel like your job doesn’t fulfill you anymore? Then, check out our tips on how to start a new career or change yours!

by Aline Augusto

Published on 02/24/2022

Learn how to start a new career and find fulfillment with our tips! 

How to start a new career or change yours! Source: Unsplash.
How to start a new career or change yours! Source: Unsplash.

Sometimes, you spend most part of your life dedicating yourself to a career that seems to be the one and only in your life.

But the truth is that nothing is forever—even careers. Usually, when you grow old, you start thinking about working in a place that fulfills all of your needs, not only your bank account.

For a long time, all we do is get our heads down and work to accomplish high levels in a career.  

However, when we put our heads up, we might feel dizzy and lost. It is pretty common, and it happens more than people tell.

It might feel awkward to take to friends and family about changing careers after so long. But you should know that nothing is long enough that couldn’t be changed for better.

So, check out our tips on how to start a new career!  

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How do I find a new career?

Want a New Career? Check out our tips! Source: Pexels.
Want a New Career? Check out our tips! Source: Pexels.

Nowadays, most people feel like they do not belong anymore in certain areas or feel like there is a lack of fulfillment in their current careers.

The reasons to change to a new fresh start are many. However, it is not easy to make this decision. Also, it might be challenging to press the bottom to restart from zero.

Before thinking about changing your career path, you need to make sure the current place you work isn’t the real problem.

So, ask yourself some questions: is there room to grow in this place? Do I feel like belonging? Do I see myself here in the next two to five years?

If the answers are yes, you are in the right place. But if the answers are no, maybe you are in the wrong company.

So, before deciding to move to another career, make sure that the company you work at isn’t the problem.

If you decide that you won’t find fulfillment in the area wherever you work, maybe the solution to your problem is definitely career-changing.

In this case, you need to follow some steps. 

But before going to the list of steps to follow, let me tell you some insights. In a career-changing journey, you will find obstacles, mainly put in the way by yourself. It is a scary and unknown scenario, so that you will defend yourself from that, and that is an obstacle.

Then, make sure you are aware of it. And being aware that you are your most significant barrier allows you to know how to work with it.   

Also, share your doubts and fears with other people. It is not easy to be vulnerable, but it is helpful to let people know that you need an extra hand.

Although changing your career might take quite some time, acting is better than analyzing. Of course, taking notes and researching will help you out with it. But, take the first step, and move forward. 

Furthermore, don’t try to look for jobs before looking for people. If you want to start a new career, build a network. Looking for jobs will make you feel anxious and eventually give up.  

10 steps to start a new career at 40 or change careers at 50! 

Learn more about it. Source: Pexels.
Learn more about it. Source: Pexels.

Now, let me present you with a guide so you can put into action your career-changing plan.

1. Understand your current job

Write down about your current career. Writing down is a great way to clarify and organize thoughts. 

Put all the issues you have in a paper, a list of all you like doing and what you don’t like about your current job. 

Also, certify you write about the company you work at. And the people you interact with. 

All these factors will determine your actual level of satisfaction with your current career. And it is the first window opened to clarify your way.

2. Evaluate your values and interests 

More important than focusing on what you dislike, it is highlighting what you are good at. So, write down all you like to do, the projects that have made you feel good.

Plus, address a dream. It could be your child’s dream, that one that you put on hold when you have become an adult.

In addition, search for online tools that help you with that. Many free platforms can make this journey easier.

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3. Consider brainstorming

It is time to read out loud everything you have been writing in the steps above. Then, search for people. 

Build a network around you with people from areas you have addressed in item 2. And talk to them. Ask them about their satisfaction, their jobs, and their careers.

4. Search for jobs

After talking to people and building a network, it is time to search for job options that possibly match your desires.

If you have already talked to people, they will provide information about these options. So, maybe your new career is right next to you.

5. Act

So, you already have the network and the interests. It is time to act. Then, go after tools that will narrow your research.

If you need another degree, find an educational center. If you need to develop a skill, go after a course. Also, you can join events to follow opportunities in the field and present yourself to significant people in the new area.

6. Update your new yourself!

Now, you must put yourself as a new and better version of yourself. Therefore, it is time to rebrand you. 

People need to meet the new you. Your past career doesn’t need to be deleted. In fact, it can be an additional item in your resume. 

However, enhance your new path.

7. Give it a try

You can also rely on freelance activities to try your new career. It is always best to give it a shot before the deep diving than regret when you are already deep down in the sea.

8. Develop yourself

After trying it out, consider making training and seminars to build a solid background in your new field.

This can help you find a job easily in the market.

9. Apply

Finally, apply for new jobs in your new area. You have the network, tried it out, and have the primary skills. So, go forward!

10. Track your progress

Nothing is written in stone. Finding a new career doesn’t mean you will be fulfilled for life. However, the chances to achieve success are greater if you track your progress.

So, take notes to write down how you are doing and the projects you like the most. Then, you can stay connected to your feelings and journey.

And if you are thinking of retiring early, check out our article below to learn some helpful tips!

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