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9 best OTC Crypto brokers: buy bitcoin and more!

Whether you plan to buy large amounts of cryptocurrencies or have already done it before, it is always essential to know the best OTC crypto brokers so you can invest with confidence! So, today, we will show you!

Buy a large amount of crypto with the best OTC brokers

Check out the best OTC crypto brokers. Source: Canva.
Check out the best OTC crypto brokers. Source: Canva.

9 best OTC crypto brokers: OTC or Over The Counter is a process that exists in the investments universe, no matter if we are talking about crypto or stocks.

First of all, let me tell you a bit about what OTC trading means. Probably, you are mostly used to the way the New York Stock Exchange works. So, the exchange is a mediator between those who want to sell and those who want to buy assets.

Basically, this intermediary facilitates the trading process.

However, there is another way the financial system can be organized. And this way is called Over The Counter trading. 

In general, there are no three parties in the trading. OTC only requires two, and one of them is usually a desk. 

This desk is a business that dedicates all its efforts to buying and selling an asset. The desk and the other party agree on a price and then work on their transaction.

Moreover, the whole process is completely private. No one besides those involved in the process will know the volume and the price agreed on the transaction.

Furthermore, in this type of financial organization, most of the trading volume happens. 

Since it offers privacy, most investors who need to trade large amounts do it through OTC. Therefore, there won’t be a significant impact on the system and prices.

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9 crypto OTC brokers you should know: best cost-effective ways to buy bitcoin and more!

Check out the 9 best OTC Crypto brokers! Source: Unsplash.
Check out the 9 best OTC Crypto brokers! Source: Unsplash.

OTC brokers work to facilitate the direct buying and trading of Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and even fiat currencies between two parties, as we have already discussed above.

Investors looking for privacy on their big purchases and trading need more than just anonymity.

They require their order to be fully fulfilled in the best cost-effective way. In addition, they need agility in the process.

Therefore, we have made a list of the best OTC crypto brokers, so you can plan to invest with the safety you need and the confidence you look for.


Binance is one of the most popular exchanges in the world, and you should have probably already heard of it. 

It offers personalized services with chat support for those who want to trade large amounts of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

It is pretty easy to trade through Binance OTC, and all you have to do is create an account. 

Also, the settlements occur in the ecosystem generally within minutes. Moreover, the trading desk confidentially conducts the transactions in compliance with all safety protocols.


The second one on the list is Coinbase. It is not only a significant exchange with a considerable reputation but also has conducted record volumes in its prime and OTC services.

This company offers secure custody and an advanced and easy-to-use trading platform so that you can trade your assets on the go.

In addition, it provides professional support and diversified liquidity.


Another best OTC crypto broker is available for you. Kraken is one of the most popular and most significant cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, too.

It provides investors with execution and settlements that are secure, competitive, and private.

Plus, Kraken a fantastic customer service with global coverage and full asset support.

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Satstreet is based in Canada. Although it is a quite new company, it features high-standard security factors and is known for its safety.

Furthermore, it has transacted huge volumes on the market. 

Satstreet offers one of the best trading experiences and support, as well as an accessible platform with portfolio tracking and reporting.

It is also partnered with Coinbase, Ledger, Silvergate, and Round 13 Capital.


Choose the best crypto OTC broker for you. Source: Unsplash.
Choose the best crypto OTC broker for you. Source: Unsplash.

If you are looking to complete large orders with agility and reliability, Genesis offers a way to go through with it.

It complies with strong regulations so it can deliver safety and privacy to all its customers. Also, it leads the market of serving institutional clients.

Moreover, it features counterparty relationships in more than 50 countries around the world. And its all-in-one solution can handle substantial amounts of capital.


ItBit was launched to proudly deliver the highest standards when it comes to its platform and support.

This OTC broker attends institutional investors with a system that offers safety, privacy, and fair trading.

In addition, it is well-known both nationally and internationally.

The settlements are generally completed within the same day, providing its customers with a high-efficiency level.


Now let me present to you one of the leaders for providing liquidity in crypto assets. Cumberland was launched in 2014 with the goal of giving innovative investors unrestricted and frictionless access to this digital world.

Also, it is a reputable and global financial firm with an efficient, discreet, and responsive way of trading.

Cumberland attends individuals and institutions looking for large amounts of trading through a desk recognized for its leadership, technology, and market insights.


Since 2012, Bitfinex has been operating to facilitate major amounts trading. There are two ways to use the OTC desk from this exchange. 

The first one is to trade directly with another Bitfinex user. And the second one is to access instant liquidity via the Chief Trading Officer of DigitalX.


Last but not least, Huobi is also one of the most popular OTC brokers worldwide. It attends both high net-worth individuals and institutions.

The sign-up process is quite easy, and it offers excellent customer service.

Furthermore, Huobi provides the investor with one of the broadest lists of tradable digital assets among exchanges.

So, clients can enjoy the safety, privacy, robust liquidity, and global coverage.

However, if you are looking for another option, see below and learn how to trade in one of the best crypto wallets on the market, the ZenGo!

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