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LoanConnect: Whatever is your purpose, it will find you a lender.

LoanConnect is an excellent alternative for Canadian citizens to find a quick and straightforward way to get a loan. The service connects borrowers to multiple lenders according to their financial profile, so everyone can find an offer regardless of their credit score! Check out full review to learn more details.

LoanConnect offers a truly personal service especially designed for lenders of all credit levels. Check some of the benefits of using the service to find the perfect lender below:

Fast funding within one business day.
Find multiple lenders regardless of your score.
Get pre-approved in just five minutes.
Loans up to $50,000!
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LoanConnect is a website that helps Canadians search for unsecured loans up to $50,000. The company’s goal is to find the best possible loan for their users based on their credit circumstances. Their services allow people of all credit levels to find lenders willing to loan them the money they need with fast funding.

LoanConnect is partnered with multiple lenders that offer unsecured loans for people seeking for financial relief regardless of their credit scores. Therefore, they serve practically everyone looking for a personal loan. To apply, the borrower needs to be a Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident and over the age of majority in their province.

Your current score will suffer no impact by searching for lenders through LoanConnect. While conducting the search, the website might require a soft credit check to assess your profile and find the best offers. Soft credit checks will not harm your score. Once you select a lender and begin the application process, the lender will conduct a hard inquiry on your profile to check your credit history. LoanConnect will then notify you when that happens and you can choose whether or not to proceed with the application.

LoanConnect’s application process is as simple to do as the service they provide. If you want more details on how you can look for the best loans using their website, follow the link below.

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How to apply for LoanConnect?

No minimum credit score limit needed to apply. Check it out how to apply for LoanConnect!

You also have the option to look at other services that connects you with multiple lenders if you’d like. One of them is Fat Cat Loans. In the link below, we’ll tell you more about how it works and how you can apply for loans through it.

Logo Fat Cat loans fundo azul

How to apply for the Fat Cat loans?

Get an instant online loan through the Fat Cat loans! Check out how to get a quote and receive an instant decision!

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