PolicyMe Term Life Insurance Canada Review: is it trustworthy?

Check out the Policy Term Life Insurance Canada Review and learn how worth is to get a quote. Find out how to save up to 20% with PolicyMe!

Term Life Insurance Canada: save up to 20% with PolicyMe


Is it worth getting a quote? Check out the PolicyMe Term Life Insurance Canada review!

Usually, getting life insurance is expensive. Most companies charge higher commissions than they should, and the processes are not straightforward. 

That leads people not to consider getting life insurance, even though it is recommended.

policy me life insurance

How to join and get a quote with PolicyMe?

Check out how to get a quote with PolicyMe and cover your needs and goals with Term Life Insurance Canada!

However, PolicyMe offers the opposite. It was launched to make life insurance less bureaucratic, less expensive, and less challenging. 

PolicyMe provides honest advice, reliability, easiness, and a fast process. But is it worth getting a quote and considering life insurance? Check out this PolicyMe Term Life Insurance Canada full review!

How does PolicyMe work?

The Term Life Insurance by PolicyMe is a fantastic option for those who look for wide coverage with simple terms and affordable costs.

The service counts on a team of advisors available seven days a week. Therefore, you can get custom advice at no extra cost, with advisors based in Canada.

Also, getting a quote only takes a few seconds. 

The plans offered feature discounts and promotions for the whole family, no matter the structure.

But why should you get life insurance?

Firstly, life insurance guarantees financial protection for a specific period of time. Permanent life insurance lasts forever. Unlike it, term life insurance is only active for the period of time you need. 

PolicyMe offers term life insurance, which means you don’t need to pay for permanent insurance. Also, you can get the payout to pay for anything that you or your family need, including debts, funerals, or even tuition.

Commonly, the period of time takes 20 years. But you can check out the best period for you by using the calculator available on the PolicyMe website.

Furthermore, the company offers insurance plans designed for each specific need or goal. Usually, the policies provided by PolicyMe are from 5% to 10% cheaper than the nationwide average regarding costs.

Finally, the company doesn’t obligate you to stay active. You can cancel your policy whenever you want with no penalty. But, the customer reviews show that it is worth joining a term life insurance with PolicyMe.

PolicyMe experience: highlights

Protect your loved ones with term life insurance. Source: Freepik.
Protect your loved ones with term life insurance. Source: Freepik.

Unlike other life insurance companies, PolicyMe offers Term Life Insurance, an option for those who want insurance for a period of time.

The company cuts unnecessary processes, which leads to cheaper policies. 

Also, you can design your insurance plan according to your needs and goals. And the official website makes available a calculator to help you to quote your plan.

Furthermore, the Term Life Insurance by PolicyMe features discounts and promotions. 

In addition, the company offers fantastic customer service, with advisors based in Canada and available seven days per week.

Advantages of getting a PolicyMe Terms Life Insurance

  • It offers life insurance for a period of time called Term Life Insurance;
  • It features a fast and easy application;
  • It provides plans designed for the whole family, according to your needs and goals;
  • It offers discounts and promotions;
  • The process is secure and honest, and you can count on advisors seven days a week.


  • Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer other types of insurance.
  • It is not available in all of Canada’s territories.

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Why should you choose PolicyMe – Term Life Insurance Canada?

PolicyMe offers an online and convenient application process for you to get term life insurance designed according to your needs and goals.

Also, the company features competitive rates and fantastic customer service.  

How to get a quote?

If you’d like to get a quote with PoliceMe, know it is pretty simple. They have made the process online, and you can do it in minutes before your coffee get’s cold, as they say.

Learn how easy it is to get a quote right in the following post!

policy me life insurance

How to join and get a quote with PolicyMe

Check out how to get a quote with PolicyMe and cover your needs and goals with Term Life Insurance Canada!

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