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Paying car insurance help increase your credit score?

If you have always wondered if paying car insurance can help build your credit score, we can help you figure it out! So, keep reading our post to find out!


by Victória Lourenço

Published on 05/16/2022

Car insurance can help build credit: all you need to know about credit building with car insurance

Read our post to know if paying car insurance can help build your credit score! Source: Adobe Stock
Read our post to know if paying car insurance can help build your credit score! Source: Adobe Stock

Paying car insurance can help build your credit score. This is a little-known secret that can help many people improve their credit scores. Many people think that just maintaining car insurance payments on time each month can increase credit. However, you need to do it with a credit card that reports your payments monthly. This is because just paying car insurance doesn’t say anything to credit bureaus. You could have other debts and not be reliable to increase your score.

In addition, you can use credit cards that send your monthly reports to credit bureaus to pay for your car insurance. So, this post will discuss how paying for car insurance does not really help you build your credit score and some of the other benefits of having good credit! Therefore, keep reading to learn more about how to increase your score!

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Does car insurance really boost your credit score?

See if paying car insurance can really help build your credit score! Source: Adobe Stock
See if paying car insurance can really help build your credit score! Source: Adobe Stock

There are a lot of perks that come along with making on-time payments each month for your auto insurance. However, raising your credit score is not one of those options. Many people are under the impression that paying for their car insurance will help them build credit, but this is not the case. There are benefits to paying your car insurance on time, but increasing your credit score is not.

In addition, the punctuality with which you pay the monthly premiums for your auto insurance will go a long way toward establishing your credibility as a trustworthy individual. And because of this, it will be much simpler for you to obtain a loan or renegotiate the terms of some debt. However, your credit score will not improve simply because you are prompt in paying your auto insurance premiums. This is because credit scoring takes into account many factors.

However, it does not mean that you don’t need to worry about paying your car insurance on time. For one, it shows that you’re responsible for making payments on time. So, as we mentioned, it can be helpful if you ever need to take out a loan or apply for a new line of credit. But don’t expect your score to increase just because of your on-time monthly payments for your car insurance.

Auto insurance lower credit score?

One good thing about car insurance is that you don’t need to fear impacting your score during the contract. However, insurance companies can use other ways to punish you if you don’t pay your insurance on time. For example, the insurance company can charge you high late fees, cancel your insurance, and other penalties. This can make you pay for medical bills or car damage if you don’t have active insurance.

In addition, you need to pay attention to how high is your credit score before you make new car insurance. This is because the insurance company will always consider your credit score to determine your premium rate. Therefore, you must have a high credit score to get the best rates and save more money. Well, if you can’t build your score with car insurance, how should you build it? Read our topic below to know more!

What payments help build credit?

Find out what you can do to build your score! Source: Adobe Stock
Find out what you can do to build your score! Source: Adobe Stock

It is unnecessary to view the inability to raise your credit score through the punctual payment of auto insurance premiums as a negative development. This is because there are a variety of other avenues through which you can improve your credit score. For instance, using credit or debit cards is one of the most common ways to raise your credit score.

However, you can’t increase your score by using just any credit or debit card. You will need to research to find specific cards to help you out. Therefore, we can help you find those other options to build credit. So, keep reading to check out our list below with the most common and best ways to make payments and increase your credit score!

Credit card payments

You can get a credit card to pay your monthly bills each month. There are even some debit cards that can help you increase your score. However, this card must send your monthly payment reports to the major credit bureaus. This is because the credit bureaus need to know that you are using your money wisely and making all your payments on time. And not every place and company can send your reports to these credit bureaus.

Use your card

Many people think that if they don’t spend money, only save money, they will have a high credit score. But this is a common misconception because the credit bureaus need to know how you spend your money. So, if you really want to increase your score, you need to spend your money. However, you need to spend your money wisely and think of ways to increase your score. One of these ways is to use your credit card and make your monthly payments on time.

Monitor your credit

It can be very important to monitor your credit score to build credit. Also, there are many tools online that can give you access to your credit score. Plus, some of these tools can even give you information on building credit. Moreover, some credit or debit cards give you the option to check your credit score. You can use this tool to get a great credit card, monitor your score, and build it carefully.

So, if you want to know more about one of the options to check and monitor your credit score, we have a post just for you! Check out our post below to know how to check your credit score through Scotiabank!

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