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How to improve credit scores with Experian BOOST™?

Learn how to improve credit scores with Experian BOOST™ and how to access and monitor Experian reports to have a healthier financial life!

Experian BOOST™: raise your credit score!

Find out how to improve credit scores with Experian BOOST™. Source: Youtube Experian.
Find out how to improve credit scores with Experian BOOST™. Source: Youtube Experian.

Learn how to improve credit scores with Experian BOOST™. Experian offers Experian BOOST™, and it is a totally free tool you can use to increase your credit score.

You can link your bank account to provide the information needed to impact your punctuation positively.

As you are aware, credit scores affect your financial life in various areas, such as applying for a good credit card, renting an apartment, taking a loan, and more.

So, those with poor credit or short credit history need to count on tools that help increase the score.

Then, check out how you can boost your punctuation right away!


Credit Monitoring

Experian BOOST™

Tool Online

Improve your credit score. Access and monitor Experian reports.

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How to join and start using Experian BOOST™

See the step-by-step. Source: Unsplash.
See the step-by-step. Source: Unsplash.

Learn now how to use this tool to improve your finances!


Access the Experian website and select Experian BOOST™. Then, create an account.

You need to provide your personal and basic information.


After creating an account, you need to link the bank account you use to pay your utility bills.

Paying your bills

Then, you can start paying on time, so Experian will collect this information to boost your score.

Pre-approved credit cards for low credit score available now

We analyzed your profile and found some offers that you can apply for today.

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Experian BOOST™ vs. FreeScore360 Credit Reporting 

If you need a free tool to increase your credit score, Experian BOOST™ might be perfect for you. It also gives you access to Experian reports and lets you set alerts to monitor your score.

Otherwise, check out how to apply for a FreeScore360 Credit Reporting with Identity Theft Insurance and access to all three major credit bureaus.

Experian BOOST™ Credit Score & Monitoring FreeScore360 Credit Reporting
Credit ToolsTrack bills to help you increase credit score, Experian Credit Report, Credit Monitoring Alerts, Dark Web Surveillance ReportCredit Bureau reporting, credit monitoring with alerts, online education, FICO Score
Security & ProtectionDark Web Surveillance ReportIdentity Theft Insurance
Identity Theft Insurance LimitNo available$1,000,000
30-day Trial AvailableIt is freeNo (only 7-day free trial)
Free Report OfferedExperianTransUnion, Experian, Equifax
Monthly PriceFree$29.95
Mobile AppYesYes

How to join FreeScore360 Credit Reporting?

Do you need to improve your score? FreeScore360 is a credit reporting company that can monitor your scores. Read more to know how to join!

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