How to apply for the FNB Private Clients Credit Card?

If you are interested in earning rewards while enjoying global travel insurance plus a private advisor, you should take a look at how simple it is to apply for an FNB Private Clients Credit Card.

by Aline Augusto

Published on 02/11/2023

Apply for an FNB Private Clients Credit Card: rewards, insurance, private advisor, and more

This credit card is full of benefits. Source: The Mister Finance.
This credit card is full of benefits. Source: The Mister Finance.

Whether you are looking for rewards or travel insurance, this card offers all: check out how simple it is to apply for an FNB Private Clients Credit Card and guarantee a complete list of remarkable perks.


Credit Card

FNB Private Clients Card

travel perks virtual cards

A credit card with exclusive benefits for selected clients.

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  • The possibility of waiving the monthly account fee;
  • Competitive rates and up to 55 days of free interest on purchases;
  • Global Travel Insurance;
  • Debt and purchase protection;
  • Budget facility with flexible repayment plan;
  • Unlimited virtual cards;
  • Exclusive offers on select stores;
  • SLOW Lounges access;
  • Private advisor;
  • Access to eBucks Rewards.

Additionally, this exclusive card offers a fantastic app in which you can access your finances from wherever you are in the world.

So, if you want to get all those benefits and more, learn how to apply for an FNB Private Clients Credit Card!

Online Application Process

Apply at the FNB website. Source: Canva.
Apply at the FNB website. Source: Canva.

Applying for this Visa is simple. In the first place, you can do it by accessing the official FNB website to provide the following:

  • A South African ID book or passport with a valid work/retirement permit;
  • Proof of residence;
  • Recent payslip or bank statements (three months).

Also, you must be attentive to follow the eligibility criteria, such as being at least 18 years old, earning from R750 000 and R1 799 999 as annual income.

Application Process using the app 

You can apply using the app. Thus, download the FNB mobile app and fill out the forms with your personal and financial information.

After opening an account, you can ask for the card right away!

FNB Private Clients Credit Card vs. The Discovery Bank Black Card

You might wonder if there is a similar alternative to compare before proceeding with an application. 

So, check out The Discovery Bank Black Card. 

Generally, costs are pretty similar. But you may be looking for money back. Then, a black card from Discovery might be worth considering.

FNB Private Clients Credit CardThe Discovery Bank Black Card
RequirementsAnnual income from R750 000 to R1 799 999;
Valid SA ID book or passport with valid work or retirement permit;
At least 18 years old;
Good credit score;
Proof of residence;
Recent payslips or bank statements (three months) 
Annual income from R850 000 to R2.5 million 
Monthly FeeR150.00 R130.00 
FeesCredit facility service fee: R17.16;
Card replacement: R125 (after add 5 cards);
Card purchases: Free;
Balance enquiries: Free;
FNB Instant Payments: Free;
Payments and transfers (FNB App, online banking, cellphone banking): Free;
Debit orders: Free;
Send Money: Free;
International currency commission and conversion fee: 2%
and more.
Monthly Vitality Money premium: R55;
Single credit facility monthly fee: R35;
Additional and secondary physical cards: R40 per month;
Prepaid products and services purchases: Free;
POS purchases – local and international: Free;
Balance enquiry (ATM): Free;
Payment notifications: Free;
Own account notifications: Free;
Currency conversion fee: 2.75%
and more.
RewardseBucks Rewards (get rewarded when purchase at selected stores)Up to 50% back at Pick n Pay or Woolworths (HealthyFood products), and Clicks or Dis-Chem (HealthyCare products);
Up to 15% back on Uber rides and fuel (BP and Shell);
Get 10 Discovery Miles for each R1 reward you earn back;
Up to 30% off when using Discovery Miles, and more.

Then, check out how easy it is to apply for The Discovery Bank Black Card on the next post!

The Discovery Bank Black Card

How to apply for The Discovery Bank Black Card?

Learn how to apply for The Discovery Bank Black Card and enjoy the complete list of advantages, including rewards, travel coverage, and more!

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