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Verve Credit Card overview

Did you know that the Verve Mastercard is a credit card from Continental Finance Company? It's also a good option for those with bad credit. Read our overview and find more about it!

Verve Credit Card: build or rebuild your credit score.

Check out this Verve Credit Card overview. Source: The Mister Finance.
Check out this Verve Credit Card overview. Source: The Mister Finance.

The Verve Credit Card is a Continental Finance Company’s credit card. Founded in 2005, CFC is a significant marketer and servicer of credit cards. In addition, their product is especially good for those with bad credit in the United States, as you’d see in this Verve Credit Card overview.

The Verve is a nice option for those people who are just starting to use credit. Meaning, this credit card is recommended for beginners, people with bad credit, and/or those who have poor financial control.

Verve Credit Card

How to apply for a Verve Credit Card

Learn in our article what it takes to do your Verve card application. This card might just be what you need.

Credit ScoreBad credit scores are eligible.
Annual Fee$75 during the first year of card membership;
$99 after that period ends.
Regular APR29.99% variable
Welcome bonusN/A

What is special about the Verve card?

As mentioned above, the Verve credit card is recommended for bad credit cardholders. However, when looking for a credit card, regardless of your credit score and your credit profile, a solid customer care program is always desirable.

Moreover, the Continental Finance Company also takes pride in its corporate commitment to clients. That is, they care about your needs! If you look at their website or social media, you will easily find comments and reviews of their customers.

Not only that, but they also have a list of amazing features that can give you numerous benefits.

Who qualifies for the Verve credit card?

Who qualifies for this card? Source: The Mister Finance.
Who qualifies for this card? Source: The Mister Finance.

This credit card is especially good for Verve cardmembers who do not have a good or an excellent credit score. As a matter of fact, Continental Financial Company offers a credit protection program.

Within this program, which is available for all the holders of the Verve credit card, is an optional solution to which you can subscribe to secure your Bank of Missouri-issued Verve MasterCard® credit card.

If you think you may be interested in this credit card, then jump to our next article, which presents you with a full review on the Verve credit card.

Verve Credit Card

Verve Credit Card review

Come learn in detail what are all of the benefits, as well as the pros and cons, of the Verve credit card in our full review.

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