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Reflex Mastercard credit card full review

You can get the Reflex Mastercard credit card to reestablish your score. Keep reading our full review to know more about this card!


by Victória Lourenço

08/31/2021 | Updated on 10/25/2021

Reflex Mastercard credit card

Learn more about the Reflex Mastercard credit card in our full review. Source: Pinterest
Learn more about the Reflex Mastercard credit card in our full review. Source: Pinterest

The Reflex Mastercard credit card is a card that offers benefits for people with poor credit scores. You can get this card to rebuild your credit history and help you clear your debt. However, this card has some high fees. Such as a cash advance fee of $5 or 5% for every cash advance amount and a 3% foreign transaction fee. Also, the card has no rewards, it only sends payment reports to the three major credit bureaus.


Credit Card

Reflex Mastercard

international mastercard

Initial credit limit from $300 to $1,000. Apply for credit increase after 6 months.

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How does the Reflex Mastercard credit card work?

The Reflex Mastercard has many fees. Source: Gettyimages
The Reflex Mastercard has many fees. Source: Gettyimages

This card has a very easy application process, and it accepts all kinds of credit scores. When you become a cardholder, you need to pay some fees, like an annual fee, foreign transaction fees, a considerably high APR, and others. However, the credit card company sends reports about your payment on a monthly basis to the three major credit bureaus.

Reflex Mastercard Credit card benefits



  • The credit card company sends monthly payment reports to all three major credit bureaus.
  • When you enroll for e-statements, you can get access to your VantageScore 3.0 (TransUnion).
  • You can apply and have good chances of getting the card, even if you have bad credit.


  • The card has a maintenance fee that ranges from $0 to $120 per year. However, in the first year, you do not have to pay this fee.
  • The card has no sign-up bonus.
  • It has a high variable APR and other high fees.
  • It has a foreign transaction fee of 3%.


Should you get a Reflex Mastercard?

Before applying for this card, see if you can pay for its high fees. Even though this is a card made for people with all different types of credit or maybe with no credit history at all, it has some high fees. So, if you can pay for the fees and want a card to help you rebuild your credit, you might consider this card.

However, you can search for some other options of credit rebuild cards that do not have that many fees. That is if you cannot afford the fees and really need a card to help you, even if you have debt and loans to pay. Basically, there are better card options in the market for people with bad credit.

How good does your credit score need to be?

This card accepts all kinds of scores. Source: Gettyimages
This card accepts all kinds of scores. Source: Gettyimages

This credit card accepts all kinds of credit scores. So, if you have a very bad credit history and you want to rebuild it, this card is one of the options in the market that can help you with that.

How to apply for a Reflex Mastercard credit card?

The application process for this credit card can be very easy. If you still want to know how to apply and think that this card can be a good one for you even with all the fees, check out our post below. In it, we will give you some important information about how to get this credit card!

How do you get the Reflex Mastercard credit card?

Maybe the Reflex Mastercard card can be good for you to rebuild your credit history. So, check out how to get this credit rebuilding card!

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