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Read on to learn how this credit card helps you accumulate cash back on all your purchases at a very low cost!

Woolworths Silver Credit Card – earn 1% back on Woolies purchases every quarter plus 0.5% on purchases outside of Woolworths.

Woolworths Silver Credit Card offers up to 1% cash back on every purchase you make and doesn’t charge transaction fees while you enjoy your earnings. Also, it is a Visa card, which means you get global acceptance, flexibility, and convenience. The card gives you protection and basic travel insurance, as well. So, wherever you go, you can earn while feeling safe!

Woolworths Silver Credit Card provides you with a valuable list of advantages while charging affordable fees. If you are a frequent Woolies shopper, you may love to find out that this Visa gathers rewards, travel insurance, protection features, accessibility, and affordability in one single place.

Earn 1% cash back on your favorite purchases at Woolies and on fuel, plus 0.5% cash back on everything else while accessing banking services at no extra charge;
Enjoy global acceptance and withdraw funds wherever you see a Visa logo;
Get a lost card and balance protection;
Feel peace of mind with basic travel insurance.
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Woolworths Silver Credit Card offers a basic but essential list of benefits, including: Up to 1% cash back on purchases; A flexible way to withdraw funds wherever Visa is accepted; Lost card protection, balance protection, and automatic basic travel insurance; Access to loyalty vouchers; Also, there are no transaction fees on purchases and more.

Even though the fees charged are pretty reasonable compared to other credit cards, it is important to note that a package of costs applies, as follows: Card replacement: R100; Unpaid cheque and unpaid debit order: R105; Card courier fee: R155; ABSA ATM Account Payment fee: R4.50 plus R1.50/R100 (maximum R15); ABSA ATM mini statement: R2; Fortunately, online banking and secondary card are free!

You can manage your account via mobile app or through the official website at no extra charge. Accessing your account allows you to view and manage your card information as well as your vouchers.

Applying for a Woolworths Gold Credit Card is simple and fast. So, you must: Provide a valid RSA ID number; Earn at least R3 000 per month as income; Be at least 18 years old. Also, you need to have a bank account to apply for it.

If you are interested in a Woolworths Silver Credit Card, learn how to apply for it!

Woolworths Silver Credit Card

How to apply for a Woolworths Silver Credit Card?

Learn how simple it is to apply for a Woolworths Silver Credit Card and enjoy earning cash back on all of your purchases at a very low cost.

Now, if you are interested in another Woolworths card, check out how to apply for a Woolworths Gold Credit Card!

Woolworths Gold credit card

How to apply for a Woolworths Gold Credit Card?

Check out how to apply for a Woolworths Gold Credit Card and earn 2% back in vouchers each quarter on all your favorite Woolies purchases.

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