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Read on to see how this non-profit lender can help your small business overcome obstacles and grow!

Accion Opportunity Fund – flexible and affordable lending options for small businesses!

Accion Opportunity Fund is a non-profit lender that focuses on small businesses from diverse people and minorities with low-to-moderate income. It offers affordable lending options with flexible repayment schedules to fit your needs, budget, and goals. Also, you get access to a complete package of valuable resources to assist you and your business.

Accion Opportunity Fund provides lending options for small businesses and owners that usually don’t get easy access to financial solutions. Besides the affordable and flexible loans, terms, and conditions, AOF offers a whole package of resources to help you grow your business. Check out the main benefits!

Get access to multiple lending options, including a complete package of valuable resources like a Coaching Hub and Learning Programs;
Be assisted and overcome obstacles with the help of a non-profit lender that focuses on diverse people and minorities with low-to-moderate income;
Apply within minutes, no matter your situation and credit; prequalification is free and doesn’t impact your credit score;
Choose the amount you need from $5,000 to $100,000, with flexible repayment schedules and APR as low as 5.99%.
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Accion Opportunity Fund offers loan amounts that range from $5,000 to $100,000. The loans are affordable and terms flexible. Furthermore, this lender provides flexible repayment schedules and APR as low as 5.99%.

Yes, it is. Accion Opportunity Fund is legit and counts on the investments from American Express. The platform is safe to use and you can also count on phone or email advisory support. Therefore, you can apply for a loan with no worries!

The application is 100% free, simple, and fast. Also, it considers all credit scores and focuses on low-to-moderate income business owners. In addition, over 90% of its public are women and people of color. Moreover, AOF offers prequalification with no impact on your credit.

You must apply for a loan to receive the complete offer, including fees, terms, and conditions. But, in advance, Accion Opportunity Fund doesn’t charge prepayment penalty fees whatsoever.

accion opportunity fund

How to apply for the Accion Opportunity Fund?

Learn how the Accion Opportunity Fund application works so you can get the funds you need to overcome obstacles holding your business back.

Accion Opportunity Fund will give you the best offers to help you fund your business.

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How to apply for the OnDeck Business Loans?

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