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20 real estate investing books for beginners: the best and essential ones

Investing might be scary for some people, but reading about it can ease your mind. So, see ou post with a list of 20 real estate investing books for beginners!

Learn the best real estate investing books for beginners

See the best real estate investing books for beginners! Source: Unsplash
See the best real estate investing books for beginners! Source: Unsplash

Investing in real estate might sound scary for some. And it is understandable as some investments made with little strategy can bring headaches. So, if you want tips about investing in real estate, we will give you a list of 20 real estate investing books for beginners. Also, if you are still in doubt about investing, read our post with the key benefits of investing in real estate!

Learn the 15 key benefits of investing in real est

The benefits of investing in real estate are many because real estates are a certainty in everyone's life. Come see 15 benefits!

20 best and essential real estate books for beginner investors

See a list of essential books to start investing. Source: Unsplash
See a list of essential books to start investing. Source: Unsplash

There are many books out there about real estate and investing in real estate. However, not all of them are essential for beginners. So, here is a list of 20 books about investing in real estate written for beginners.

How to Invest in Real Estate

In this book by Brandon Turner and Joshua Dorkin, you will find much information about how to invest even if you already have a full-time everyday job. Also, this book has advice from real-life experiences.

The Book on Investing in Real Estate with No (and Low) Money Down

This book by Brandon Turner shows how to invest in real estate even if you do not have much money. Even though the book has some easy and beginner tips, it can be a great first real estate investing book.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This book by Robert T. Kiyosaki is a more famous book about investing. But keep in mind that it is a book for people who need the motivation to start investing and also need to exercise the right mindset to do so.

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The Richest Man In Babylon 

This book by George S. Clason is a book that can give you a lot of inspiration to start investing. With a more simple language, the author gives options for you to try to solve your financial problems the best way possible. But even though it is not completely related to real estate, it can open your mind about investing.

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor

In this book by Gary Keller, Jay Papasan, and Dave Jenks, you will find tips with a good research background. There are more than 100 interviews with real estate investors, which turned into millionaires with this kind of investment.

Investing in Rental Properties for Beginners

In this book by Lisa Phillips, you will find amazing tips about how to invest in rental properties and without bringing too much stress into your personal life.

Who Moved My Cheese?

Much like the recommended book above, this book by Spencer Johnson can teach beginners in investments to deal with the stress that comes with investing in real estate.

The Real Estate Wholesaling Bible

In this book by Than Merrill, you will find tips about how to invest in real estate and stay out of dealing with the house’s structure. It is a book that will give you information about wholesaling.

The Book on Rental Property Investing

This other book by Brandon Turner can show you how to manage your investment and build a good plan for it. Brandon shows the reason for the failure of real estate investors. That way, you can learn how to avoid these failures.

The ABCs of Real Estate Investing

In this book by Ken McElroy, he writes about cash flow, how to negotiate, and how to understand the values of properties based on many important features. This book can be great for you to start reading as a new real estate investor.

How a Second Home Can Be Your Best Investment

In this book, Tom Kelly and John Tuccillo write about how to start investing in real estate by buying a second house. The book shows how this can be a great start to your first real estate investment life.

Keepers of the Castle

This book by William J. Ferguson shows the thoughts and ways of people who are executives and deal with real estate investments. It is always good to start learning how to invest by reading advice from people who are experienced.

One Rental At A Time

This book by Michael Zuber is a great read for people who are looking to build their independence with real estate. This book shows how you can organize your finances with real estate investments, and it is a great read for beginners.

The Entrepreneur Mind

In this book, Kevin D. Johnson gives tips about the mindset you should acquire to start investing in real estate. Also, it shows the experiences of the lives of elite entrepreneurs who also invest in real estate.

Set for Life

This book by Scott Trench can give you the answers you need if you don’t want to keep your full-time job. If you want to know how to start investing, quit your nine-to-five job and still get money, this book can be a great read.

The E Myth

This book is for people who want to see investing as their own business. It can show you the ways to better manage your investments. Michael Gerber writes about how you should deal with a business like this.

How to Win Friends & Influence People

In this book, Dale Carnegie can show you how to master something essential to invest in real estate, people skills. That is because you will probably need to have contacts to have more successful investments.

The Book on Flipping Houses

This is a relatively famous book by J. Scott, and you can find great information about real estate investment in it. The author is a real estate expert and can give you great tips about how to start this business.

The Power of Moments

Chip Heath and Dan Heath show how small actions can improve your investments a lot. This book is great for beginners to get a good foundation feature in their investments.

What Every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know About Cash Flow

This last book can be good for beginners and also for a bit more experienced real estate investors. Also, the book is written by an expert in real estate, Frank Gallinelli, and that can give you a great perspective.

Some advice

Look for real-life investing experiences. Source: Unsplash
Look for real-life investing experiences. Source: Unsplash

To finish this post that will help you start investing in real estate, we can give you some quick advice: always look for people who have had real investing experiences. It is essential to read about investing when starting, but find experienced people to guide you.

Also, if you want to know about accounts to keep your money gained through investing, check out our post below about the 8 different types of investment accounts!

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