KOHO Premium Visa card full review

KOHO Premium Visa is a reloadable prepaid card that works just like a credit card. You don’t need a credit history to apply for one, and it offers a good rate of cash back. See more!

KOHO Premium Visa reloadable prepaid card 

KOHO Premium Visa card full review. Source: KOHO.
KOHO Premium Visa card full review. Source: KOHO.

KOHO Premium Visa card is an upgrade from the standard version of it. And with that, it offers a better rate of rewards. It doesn’t require a credit score. But as a prepaid card, it doesn’t help you to build credit.

However, KOHO offers tools to help you to work on your credit score if you want it. Check out the full review! 

Credit ScoreNot required
Annual Fee$84
Regular APR0%
Welcome bonusNone
RewardsUp to 2% cashback

How to apply for KOHO Premium Visa card?

The KOHO Premium Visa is a prepaid card with a lot of perks, such as cash back and mobile app. Check out how to apply for it!

All you need to know about KOHO Premium card

The KOHO Premium card is a version of the KOHO standard card that gives you an upgrade on benefits. Even though it doesn’t offer a welcome bonus, this card can give you cashback on all purchases.

It rewards you with 2% cashback on groceries, drinking, eating, and transportation. And 0.5% on all the rest.

Also, you can earn additional cashback if purchasing from KOHO partners, such as Pizza Pizza. Plus, this prepaid card works just like any other credit card. But, on the contrary, it doesn’t charge you with APR or any foreign transaction fees.

In addition, unlike its similar KOHO standard card, it offers a higher limit for withdrawal cash. Moreover, it features a price matching program and free financial coaching through educational sessions.

On the other hand, all of these offerings come with an $84 annual fee.

KOHO Premium Visa card benefits and more

Find out the pros and cons! Source: Pexels.
Find out the pros and cons! Source: Pexels.

Firstly, KOHO Premium is an option if you decide to go with a prepaid card that functions like a credit card and gives you rewards.

Secondly, it doesn’t charge some fees like most credit cards. Check out below the list of pros and cons we have prepared for you to decide if this card fulfills your needs. 


  • It doesn’t require a credit history
  • Cashback on all purchases
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Visa card
  • You can access the KOHO Credit Building program that helps you to build credit with some tools
  • Price Matching Program, where you can be refunded if you find something cheaper than the price you paid
  • Financial coaching for free
  • 1 free International ATM Withdrawal each month
  • You can access early paycheck if you decide to set up direct deposit
  • Mobile App


  • Reloadable prepaid card
  • High annual fee
  • Not CDIC insured

Pre-approved credit cards for low credit score available now

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Check how good your credit score must be for the application

As a reloadable prepaid card, it doesn’t require a credit history or score for the application.

Learn how to apply for a KOHO Premium Visa prepaid card

Do you like prepaid cards with extra perks? Then, check out our content below and learn how to apply for a KOHO Premium Visa.

How to apply for KOHO Premium Visa card?

The KOHO Premium Visa is a prepaid card with a lot of perks, such as cash back and mobile app. Check out how to apply for it!

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