How to apply for the KOHO Premium Visa card?

The KOHO Premium card features a lot of perks, like cash back and no foreign transaction fees. If you want a reloadable prepaid card, check out how to apply for this Visa!

KOHO Premium card application process

See how to apply for the KOHO Premium Visa. Source: Twitter KOHO.
See how to apply for the KOHO Premium Visa. Source: Twitter KOHO.

You won’t need to prove a good credit history to apply for this KOHO Premium Visa Credit card. Also, by holding one, you can earn up to 2% cashback on all purchases. 

Even though it is a reloadable prepaid card, it works just like a KOHO Premium Visa Credit card. But it doesn’t charge any foreign transaction fees. On the other hand, the annual fee is quite high: $84 or $9 per month.   


Credit Card

KOHO Premium Visa

Visa Cash Back

Cash back on all purchases, no foreign transaction fee.

You will be redirected to another website

Apply online

So, how to apply online? Source: Unsplash.
So, how to apply online? Source: Unsplash.

Access the KOHO website and sign up, fill in the information required and submit it.

Apply using the app

Download the KOHO Premium Credit card app and sign up. After creating the account, click on Personal, and Manage KOHO Premium.

Which KOHO to choose: KOHO Premium or KOHO Card 

KOHO features two types of prepaid cards. One with more benefits but a higher annual fee. And the other with no annual fee, but fewer benefits.

KOHO Premium VisaKOHO card
Credit ScoreNot requiredNot required
Annual Fee$84$0
Regular APR0%0%
Welcome bonusNoneNone
RewardsUp to 2% cashback0.5% cashback

How to apply for the KOHO credit card?

Do you need a credit card with great cashback options and a great platform? If so, keep reading to know how to apply for the KOHO card!

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