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How to join ClearScore?

You should join a credit monitoring tool to increase your score and get better credit deals. So, read on to learn how to join ClearScore!

Join ClearScore: check your score and credit report for free!

Monitoring your credit check is a great way to improve it. Source: The Mister Finance.
Monitoring your credit check is a great way to improve it. Source: The Mister Finance.

Are you curious about your credit score? Want to learn more about what affects it and how you can improve it? You can learn how to join ClearScore!


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If you’re looking to build a strong credit score, ClearScore is the perfect tool!

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With ClearScore, you can check your credit score and credit report for free whenever you like and get tips on how to make your credit rating as good as possible!

Also, ClearScore makes understanding your credit score an easy task. Moreover, you know that monitoring your credit score and report can be as important as creating a budget to control your finances.

With the help of a credit monitoring tool, you can reach higher levels of scores and a healthier than ever financial life! So, keep reading our post to learn how to join ClearScore!

Online Application Process: join ClearScore through their website

Access the ClearScore website to enjoy everything this platform has to offer. Source: Freepik.
Access the ClearScore website to enjoy everything this platform has to offer. Source: Freepik.

You can easily join the ClearScore platform through their official website. All you need is a computer with an internet connection.

To start, you can go to the website and click on Check my score. Then, you’ll need to provide your best email and tell them which country you are from.

Keep in mind that the platform’s services are only available for the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and Canada.

Then, you can provide some more personal information and start monitoring your credit score and keeping track of your credit report for free!

Application Process using the app

You can easily join ClearScore’s monitoring services through their official mobile app. All you need to do is download the app and provide the personal information required.

You’ll need to prepare some answers about yourself, so ClearScore can verify that you are really you. Also, after that process, you can check your credit score and track your credit report for free at any time!

ClearScore vs. Credit Sesame

And if you’re not in the UK and need a credit score monitoring tool to help you with your score, you can find one here too!

With the Credit Sesame credit monitoring platform, you can learn more about your credit score and manage your financial situation.

Moreover, you can find that both platforms offer incredible benefits to their users. However, the only difference is the countries they are available in.

So, if you’re in the UK, you can definitely enjoy the perks of the ClearScore platform. But if you’re in the US, the Credit Sesame credit score and monitoring platform will be of great use! Check the following content to learn everything about this useful platform.

Logo Credit Sesame fundo branco

Credit Sesame Credit Score & Monitoring review

Check out the Credit Sesame review and how this tool can help you on your credit building journey.

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