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How to apply for First Premier Lending?

First Premier Lending has flexible lines of credit and different terms and payment options for you to choose the best one for your needs. Check how you can apply for it!

Applying for First Premier Lending.

See how you can apply online. Source: The Mister Finance.
See how you can apply online. Source: The Mister Finance.

Have you been dreaming of getting a loan, but don’t know where to start? Applying for First Premier Lending can help make those dreams come true.

Not only are their interest rates competitive, but with their knowledgeable and friendly staff, the process doesn’t have to be as daunting and complicated as it may seem!

Below, we will show you how you can successfully apply for a loan with First Premier Lending. Read on to learn how easy it can be!



First Premier Lending

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A system to help you obtain easy and fast access to money.

You will be redirected to another website

Apply online

Find out how the application process works! Source: Canva.
Find out how the application process works! Source: Canva.

The first option in which you can fulfill your loan request application is using the First Premier Lending website in only a few minutes.

Clicking in “apply now”, you will get redirected to a page on which you’re going to put some information.

The information is about you, your financial status and situation, and the information about the loan you want to make.

This information will be given to a network of lending companies, that will check if your profile is compatible with their credit line.

If you get approved, the lender will send you all the information about fees, terms, and conditions of the loan and send you a contract for you to sign.

Once it’s signed, you will receive the cash directly in your bank account.

Apply using the app

First Premier has its own app and you will be happy to know you can apply for a loan using it!

The steps are pretty much the same as the website. You will fill in some information and send the request.

The First Premier Banking app is rated 4.8 stars by users!

First Premier Lending vs. LightStream Loans 

But if you are still not sure if the First Premier Lending is the best option for your financial needs, don’t worry!

Check out our comparison table below to learn more about another great loan available on the market, the LightStream!

First Premier Lending LightStream Loans
APRBetween 5.99% and 35.99%Between 2.49% and 20.49%
LOAN PURPOSEAny purposeAll purposes
LOAN AMOUNTS$100 to $20,000$5,000 to $100,000
CREDIT NEEDEDAll credit types are welcome.At least a fair credit score.
TERMSBetween 2 and 72 months.2 to 7 years
ORIGINATION FEEIt depends on the lender.Depends on the lender.
LATE FEEMay vary according to the lender.It will depend on the lender.
EARLY PAYOFF PENALTYMay vary according to the lender.Varies according to the lender.
Tela de computador e logo LightStream

How to apply for the LightStream personal loan?

LightStream personal loan offers large amounts at low rates so you can accomplish your goal! Check out how to apply for it!

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