How to apply for the Finchoice Personal Loan?

Learn how simple it is to apply for a Finchoice Personal Loan and get a free quote within only two minutes before proceeding with an application.

by Aline Augusto

Published on 02/24/2023

Apply for a Finchoice Personal Loan: get a free quote in two minutes

Apply online for your personal loan with Finchoice. Source: The Mister Finance.
Apply online for your personal loan with Finchoice. Source: The Mister Finance.

If you are interested in borrowing up to R40,000 to repay in six, 12, or 24 months, you should learn how to apply for a Finchoice Personal Loan.


personal loan

Finchoice Personal Loan

flexible terms affordable

Get the loan you need with personalized terms and rates that fit into your finances.

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In essence, this lender is authorized, reliable, and complies with the affordability regulation of the National Credit Act.

That is, it can only provide you with a loan that you can afford to pay back.

Thus, you can feel peace of mind knowing the terms, conditions, fees, and rates will be personalized, considering your particular needs, budget, and goals.

In addition, Finchoice provides a personal protection plan, so you and your family can be covered in case something happens in the meantime. 

This credit solution provider also offers tools and different resources for those who want to access fewer loan amounts.

For instance, you can rely on a Flexi Loan, in which you can borrow up to R8,000 to repay in six months and then qualify for more if you need it.

Plus, you can access a Funeral Loan or even a MobiMoney modality in which you can borrow between R100 and R10,000 with same-day withdrawals and repayments of one, two, or three months.

Now, take a look at how simple it is to apply for a Finchoice Personal Loan and get a free quote within only two minutes.

Online Application Process

Apply online for Finchoice Personal Loan. Source: Canva.
Apply online for Finchoice Personal Loan. Source: Canva.

You can apply using the official website or even by calling the assistance centre at 0861 346 246.

Moreover, it is important to mention that you need to provide certain documentation, as follows:

  • Proof of income;
  • Proof of residence;
  • A valid South African ID.

You must be at least at the age of majority to proceed with a quote.

Application Process using the app

After applying using the channels described above, download the Finchoice mobile app to manage your account.

Finchoice Personal Loan vs. FNB Loans

As can be seen, Finchoice Personal Loan offers flexible and easy ways of applying for loans. Also, it follows the National Credit Act, which establishes the affordability regulation to make credit solutions reasonable and affordable.

However, you can always rely on the First National Bank if you need more money to accomplish a bigger dream.

Check out the comparison to make a wise decision!

Finchoice Personal LoanFNB Loans
APRDepends on the loan agreementShort term: up to 5% per month (max)Long term: from 16.5% to 28.25% (based on the current prime rate)
Loan PurposePersonalPersonal (larger unplanned or planned expenses)
Loan AmountsUp to R40,000Up to R300,000
Credit NeededAll credit ratings are consideredNot disclosed
TermsUp to 24 monthsUp to 60 months
Origination FeeNot disclosedNot disclosed
Late FeeNot disclosedNot disclosed
Early Payoff PenaltyNot disclosedNone

So, learn how to apply for an FNB Loans now!

FNB Personal Loan

How to apply for the FNB Personal Loan?

See how to apply for an FNB Personal Loan and borrow up to R300 000 with terms of up to 60 months, fixed rates, and no prepayment penalties.

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