How to apply for the Care Dependency Grant?

If you need to take care of a disabled child full-time, it is important to know that there is help from the government. Then, learn how to apply for the Care dependency grant now.

Apply for a Care Dependency Grant: get R1 980 per month

Keep reading and learn how to get financial help for you and your child. Source: The Mister Finance.
Keep reading and learn how to get financial help for you and your child. Source: The Mister Finance.

In summary, the process to apply for the Care dependency grant is not that simple, but if you are taking care of a disabled child full-time, you need to stay attentive to how the process works to get the benefit.


Social Benefit

Care Dependendy Grant

social benefit child care

If you take care of a child with special needs, you can get financial aid!

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The social agency will analyze your application in up to three months. So, the sooner you get the documentation, the better.

Firstly, you need to know the eligibility criteria. So, take a look below to see if you would qualify:

  • You must be a parent, a foster parent appointed by the court, or a primary caregiver of a disabled child younger than 18 years old;
  • You need to be a South African citizen or permanent resident;
  • You must earn less than R223 200 yearly if single or R446 400 if married;
  • You and the child need to live in South Africa;
  • The child must not be permanently cared for in a state institution.

The benefit is R1 980 per month, paid through some different methods by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

Also, it is important to mention that the agency may ask you to review the benefit eventually. 

Now, learn how to apply for a Care dependency grant.

Online Application Process

Unfortunately, there is no application available online. But we’ll tell you how to apply for the Care Dependency Grant in person at the nearest South African Social Security Agency.

Application Process via the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA)

Apply at the South African Social Security Agency. Source: Canva.
Apply at the South African Social Security Agency. Source: Canva.

You must go to the nearest SASSA and bring the following documentation:

  • Your ID (13-digit bar-coded) or birth certification (in case you don’t have it, you need to access the official website of the South African government to follow the step-by-step to proceed with alternative documents);
  • The medical report that attests to the child’s disability;
  • Proof of income (salary slip, pension slip, or bank statements);
  • Proof of marital status.

Other requirements may apply if your situation fits other types of status, like unemployment.

Additionally, the state medical officer is referred by the agency.

Finally, remember to keep the receipt after applying as proof that you applied for the benefit.

The service is free and can take up to three months to get processed.

Then, if you are not approved, you can appeal to the Minister of Social Development at the Department of Social Development.

If you need to contact the agency, call 0800 60 10 11 or email the agency at [email protected].

Care dependency grant vs. Child Support Grant

A Care Dependency Grant is a social benefit destined for those who take special care of a disabled child full-time.

But if you have a child that does not need full-time care but your family is struggling to pay for basic expenses, you can also apply for financial support.

On the following link, you can learn more about Child Support Grant and how to apply for it.

child support grant

How to apply for Child Support Grant?

Looking for ways to raise your child, but you need more money? If so, you can read on to see if you can apply for the Child Support Grant!

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