How to apply for the Allure Mastercard® credit card?

Learn how to apply for an Allure Mastercard® credit card and start making a difference in the world while enjoying the benefits.

Allure Mastercard® credit card application: zero annual fee, cashback, and social impact.

Apply for an Allure Mastercard® credit card and make a difference in the world. Source: The Mister Finance.
Apply for an Allure Mastercard® credit card and make a difference in the world. Source: The Mister Finance.

National Bank features Allure Mastercard® credit card, that gives you the opportunity to make a difference in the world.

If you are looking for social impact and benefits, you might have just found the perfect card for you.

An Allure Mastercard offers cashback through points earned on purchases, whether online or in-store, discounts, efficiency, and protection.

So, besides the rewards and the opportunity to support the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation, the card provides you with Zero Liability, security through Mastercard ID Check, protection against theft or damage, and an Extended Warranty.

Also, the bank has been elected the best when it comes to Customer Experience. Therefore, you will be very well attended while being its client.

To apply for the card, you need to be a Canadian resident at the age of majority.           

If you meet the requirements, follow the step-by-step below to get your Allure right away!


Credit Card

Allure Mastercard®

mastercard cashback

Get this credit card to support a significant cause, and earn cashback!

You will be redirected to another website

Apply online

Learn how to apply online. Source: Adobe Stock.
Learn how to apply online. Source: Adobe Stock.

Access the official National Bank website and click on Personal. After that, select Mastercard Credit Cards and choose Allure.

Then, click on Apply Now.

The application takes under 5 minutes. Also, you need to be the bank’s client to get the card.

Fill in the form with your personal and financial information.

Finally, verify your identity, read the terms and conditions, and apply.

Apply using the app

After opening your account at National Bank, and applying for the card, download the mobile app to manage your finances.

Allure Mastercard® credit card card vs. MC1 Mastercard® credit card  

An Allure Mastercard mixes a complete package of benefits and social impact. On the other hand, if you can’t manage to apply for it, you can choose an alternative like the MC1 Mastercard® credit card.

Check out the comparison!

Allure Mastercard® credit card MC1 Mastercard® credit card
Credit Score725 – 749Fair
Annual Fees$0$0
Regular APRFrom 20.99% on purchases to 22.49% on balance transfers and cash advances 20.99% (purchase rate)
22.49% (cash advances and balance transfers)
Welcome bonusNoneNone
Rewards1 point for every $2 spent on purchases;
For 1,000 points earned, you get $10 discount in your credit card account per year

Learn how to apply for an MC1 Mastercard® credit card! 

MC1 Mastercard® credit card review

How to apply for MC1 Mastercard® credit card?

Learn how to apply for an MC1 Mastercard® credit card and enjoy all its benefits at a zero annual fee!

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