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How do you get the Verve credit card?

Learn how to get the Verve Credit Card and start improving your credit score right away! The process is simple and online. Read below for more!

Verve credit card application: easy and simple online process!

Check out how the Verve Credit Card application works! Source: The Mister Finance.
Check out how the Verve Credit Card application works! Source: The Mister Finance.

If you read our overview and our full review on the Verve credit card from Continental Finance Company, then it is time to learn how to apply and get the Verve Credit Card.

It turns out that it has never been so easy to apply for this credit product. You can apply for a Verve card digitally or by phone, at 1-866-513-4598. You can also apply via mail, writing back to the acceptance certificate from the pre-selected offer you received in your mail.

However, some basic information will be necessary to apply for a credit card online, over the phone, or by mail.


Credit Card

Verve Credit Card

Credit Builder Bad Credit OK

How about get you activated today on a Verve credit card?

You will be redirected to another website

Apply online

See how you can apply online. Source: Adobe Stock.
See how you can apply online. Source: Adobe Stock.

At their Continental Finance Blog, they have a very useful guide for those wishing to apply. Over there, you will find information on how to apply if you have bad credit, but if you have good credit as well. Mostly, they make an instant decision regarding your request.

In order to activate your card online, the steps are simple. You need to access their website. The web address will be listed on the back of your credit card. Then, you will need to find the button “Activate Now” and click on it.

Afterward, it will be possible for you to manage your brand new Verve card account online.

Apply using the app

Application for the Verve card can also be done using their very easy-to-access mobile app.

You also can use CFC’s mobile app and manage your bank account, anytime, anywhere. Their app is available on Google Play and also on Apple Store.

Verve Card vs. FIT Mastercard®

Verve Credit CardFIT Mastercard®
Credit Score300 – 850Bad – Fair
Annual Fee$75 the first year;
$99 after that.
Regular APR29.99%29.99%
Welcome bonusN/ANo welcome bonus
RewardsN/ANo rewards

If you’re not sure whether the Verve Credit Card is right for your finances, there are other options. The FIT Mastercard®, also by Continental Finance, could be a good alternative. Check out the link below to learn more details of what it has to offer in our FIT Mastercard® review.

FIT Mastercard® full review

The Fit Mastercard credit card can help you rebuild your credit and finances. If you want to know more about this card, keep reading our full review!

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