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How do you get the Old Navy credit card?

The Old navy card has unique perks for people who like to buy basic clothing at brands like Gap Inc. So, check out how to apply for this card in our post!

Old Navy credit card

Check out how to apply for the Old Navy card. Source: Old Navy
Check out how to apply for the Old Navy card. Source: Old Navy

If you read our other posts about the Old Navy card, you probably know if this is a good fit for your lifestyle. So, if you want to know how to apply for this card that has unique rewards related to Gap Inc. and its family of brands, just keep reading our post. Here, we will also give you a comparison with another affordable card, so you can check the other options available in the credit card market.


Navyist Rewards Mastercard®

How to apply for the Navyist Rewards Mastercard®?

Learn how to apply for the Navyist Rewards Mastercard® how to get discounts and points on your preferred in-store or online brands.

Apply online

Apply online to get the card from Old Navy. Source: Gettyimages
Apply online to get the card from Old Navy. Source: Gettyimages

It can be easy to make an online application for Old Navy. You can go to the Old Navy website, check out the card options and choose this one. After that, you can provide your personal information. You can also read their privacy policy and terms and conditions before applying. And then, you can get a relatively quick response about your application.

Apply using the app

See if you can apply for this card through an app. Source: Gettyimages
See if you can apply for this card through an app. Source: Gettyimages

Old Navy has a mobile app for its cardholders, but you can only make your application to get the card through the online option. So, only if you already are a cardmember, you can enjoy the features of the Old Navy mobile app

Old Navy credit card vs. Reflex Mastercard card

If you want to just check out some other options of affordable cards in the market, or if you just need a card that requires less credit score to get it, check out our comparison. We have prepared a comparison between the Old Navy and the Reflex Mastercard credit card.

Old Navy Reflex Mastercard
Credit ScoreAverage to excellentEvery kind of credit score
Annual Fee$0$75 to $99
Regular APR25.99% variable APR24.99% to 29.99% variable APR
Welcome bonusGet 20% off your first purchaseThis card does not have a welcome offer available for cardholders
RewardsFor each $1 spent in Gap In., get 5 points
For each $1 you spend anywhere else where Visa is accepted, get 1 point
At every 500 points, you can get a $5 reward
This card does not offer any rewards

How do you get the Reflex Mastercard Card?

Maybe the Reflex Mastercard card can be good for you to rebuild your credit history. So, check out how to get this credit rebuilding card!

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