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How to apply for the Walmart Moneycard?

Get all the information you need to know about applying for a Walmart Moneycard. Find out how to fill out the application, what documents are required and other important details.

by Aline Augusto

02/21/2022 | Updated on 03/07/2023

Walmart Moneycard: reloadable debit card with cash back!

Find out how to apply for the Walmart MoneyCard! Source: The Mister Finance.
Find out how to apply for the Walmart MoneyCard! Source: The Mister Finance.

Are you looking for a secure and convenient way to shop, pay bills, transfer money, and manage your finances? When you apply for the Walmart MoneyCard, you get all that and much more.

A Walmart Moneycard is a prepaid card that can be used like any other debit or credit card – it’s just not linked directly to your bank account.

With this handy card, you can make purchases anywhere Visa or Mastercard are accepted and even pay bills online. But how do you go about getting one of these cards?

Below, we’ll explain how easy it is to apply for a Walmart Moneycard so that you can get shopping without having to worry about complicated banking processes or worrying about fraudulent activity on an unsecure debit/credit card.


Debit Card

Walmart Moneycard

Rewards Bonus

Reloadable card with cash back and overdraft protection!

You will be redirected to another website

Apply online

See how to apply online to get the Walmart Moneycard. Source: Adobe Stock.
See how to apply online to get the Walmart Moneycard. Source: Adobe Stock.

Access the Walmart Moneycard website and click on Sign Up Now. 

Then, fill in the forms with your full name, address, Zip Code, mobile phone, email, Social Security Number, and date of birth.

After that, read the terms and conditions and apply.

Apply using the app

After getting approved, download the app to load and manage your newest debit card.

Walmart Moneycard debit card vs. Sable debit card    

If you are a regular frequenter at Walmart, the Moneycard is a great option for you since it features bonuses and rewards.

But, if you want to pay zero fees, Sable might be the one for you.

Walmart Moneycard debit cardSable debit card
Credit ScoreAll credit types are consideredAll credit types are considered
Bank and ATM Fees$5.94 monthly fee that can be waived if $1,000 or more is loaded;
$2.50 ATM fee;
$5.95 cash reload fee (free if you use the app at Walmart);
$0.50 as ATM balance inquiry;
$1 activation fee;
3% for international transactions;
$5.95 for 12 paper checks;
$3 for standard card replacement and $15 for expedited delivery
Cash Withdrawals$2.50$0
Welcome bonus$20 bonus (terms and conditions apply)None
Rewards3% cash back at;
2% cash back at Walmart fuel stations;
1% cash back at Walmart stores;
Up to $75 each year
Up to 1% cash back

Check out how to apply for a Sable debit card today!

Sable One secured credit card

How to apply for a Sable Debit Card?

A Sable Debit Mastercard® card doesn’t require a social security number or credit history to apply for it. Learn now how you can get this card!

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