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What are bitcoin casinos? Learn how they work and how to bet!

What are bitcoin casinos? Learn everything about them and how they work, and check out the best crypto gambling sites so you can start betting right away!

by Aline Augusto

Published on 06/06/2022

Learn everything about crypto gambling sites: anonymity, safety, and transparency 

What are bitcoin casinos? Check out the full review about them and learn how to start betting! Source: Adobe Stock.
What are bitcoin casinos? Check out the full review about them and learn how to start betting! Source: Adobe Stock.

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, as you have probably already known. The first digital coin remains at the top, and it is growing in acceptance more and more as time goes by. Nowadays there are many crypto gambling sites in which users can make money online. So, what are bitcoin casinos?

If many of us were once skeptical about the future of cryptocurrencies, now it is quite sure we will live along with this new market.

To illustrate this, nowadays, you can already use Bitcoin to pay for a service or a product. In the past, most digital coin investors were wealthy individuals or institutions.

But, as time went by and the technology was improved and spread, the masses were able to buy, sell, and transact with Bitcoin and other cryptos. 

The same happens if we think about games, casinos, and gambling in general. If you were only able to bet in fiat currency in the past, now it is time for betting in crypto!

Learn all about it right below!

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Crypto Gambling: learn the best places to gamble

Learn all about how to start using crypto betting sites and begin your journey in the crypto gambling world!

What is a Bitcoin Casino and is it legal?

Basically, a Bitcoin casino is a casino where Bitcoin is accepted. It works like a regular casino, but a Bitcoin casino lets you fund your game with cryptocurrency instead of funding games with fiat currency.

Most people say that this type of casino is safer than the traditional ones because gambling with digital coins offers anonymity, total control, and transparency.

So, in general, a Bitcoin casino has the same rules as any other type of casino. The main difference is that you use Bitcoin on the transactions.  

How do you use Bitcoin casinos?

What are bitcoin casinos? Learn more. Source: Adobe Stock.
What are bitcoin casinos? Learn more. Source: Adobe Stock.

A Bitcoin casino offers many game options, from old classics to 3D games. You can join the best sites by funding your games with BTC.

There are two types you can choose. The first one is the exclusive casinos, and the other type is the hybrid one. 

The exclusive casino only accepts cryptocurrency. But, you can choose the hybrid one that accepts both fiat currency and Bitcoin.

Whether your choice is, you need to have crypto to start gambling. So, you must have a crypto wallet to buy and hold your digital coin.

After that, you can open an account on a casino website and start betting. According to your profile and goals, you can play poker, roulette, blackjack, and many more games.

Also, you can take advantage of the market fluctuation of cryptocurrency to earn more. 

Furthermore, there are some websites that offer promotions, bonuses, and other welcome deals so you can enjoy significant earnings. 

On the other hand, always be careful about gambling. Of course, there is a chance you will win big. However, the outcome is always uncertain.

Make sure you are familiar with the disadvantages more than you already are with the advantages.  

What are the best online Bitcoin casinos: 6 options for you!

Learn the best crypto gambling sites. Source: Adobe Stock.
Learn the best crypto gambling sites. Source: Adobe Stock.

Now, take a look at the best websites for gambling with Bitcoin we have listed for you! Note that we have made a summary focused on their features and advantages. But, always make sure you do your own research about all particularities, pros, and cons of each gambling platform. Check out the best crypto gambling sites:


BitStarz offers many payment options besides BTC. However, if you decide to make your transactions with Bitcoin, you won’t pay any fee.

The website was launched in 2014, and it is known for its fantastic sound and graphics effects. 

You can also play with other gamblers in a live gambling room. 

Moreover, you can choose the game you want to play among approximately 600 games available on the BitStarz.

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Coin Palace

On the other hand, if you are looking for classic games, the Coin Palace might offer what you want.

It delivers a user-friendly interface with easy and intuitive navigation options for gamers and gamblers.

The classical game quality is provided by the most famous software company, SoftSwiss.


The Cloudbet is one of the best on the market. It only accepts BTC and offers promotions when you join, open, and fund an account.

Also, the website provides more than 1000 games so that you can choose the best for you among a wide range of gambling options.

7Bit Casino 

The 7Bit Casino is another casino that offers good welcome bonuses and promotions. It delivers high-quality to gamblers with an excellent interface.

It features more than 500 games on its platform, and it provides you with safety and transparency.

mBit Casino

In fact, if you are looking for great bonuses, mBit Casino might be the one for you. With a wide range of games, the platform provides fast withdraws and other attractive features.

Red Dog Casino 

Finally, one more option for you: the Red Dog Casino. If you like playing live games, this one is definitely an excellent choice for you.

It offers more than ten live dealer options with a fantastic interface.

Also, it features incredible mobile support and welcome bonuses.

Although Red Dog is relatively new compared to others, it is building its reputation since it is managing to increase its public. 

However, if you are looking for another option, see below!

How to join Bitcoin

Learn all about how to join the crypto betting platform! Read more to find out about its excellent welcome bonuses and more!

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