How to rebuild your credit in Canada

If you are going through this fragile situation and want to reverse this scenario, you are in the right place. Continue reading.

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For a score to be classified as bad in Canada, it needs to be between 300 and 559. Unfortunately, this situation can cause complications.

It is necessary to understand what negatively affects a credit score in the country: usually, the irresponsible use of credit cards, as well as the non-payment of debts, such as loans.

If you went through difficult financial situations, which ended up lowering your score, don't despair, this can be reversed.

Tips for Raising Your Credit Score in Canada:

– Organize your finances; – Lower your credit card limit; – Check your credit report; – Solve your debts.

An essential tip is: persist. The journey to recovering your score can be tiring, but it is rewarding.

To help you, we've prepared a complete guide on how to increase your credit score, be sure to check it out!