Build your credit using the Extra debit card

Understand how this financial product raised the bar for debit cards!

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Source: Extra.

Debit Card which helps build credit: Does it exist? Yea! The Extra debit card does it for you!

This card reports the cardholder's purchases to credit bureaus monthly, speeding up the credit building process.

It also offers rewards! With the Extra debit card, users receive up to 1% back in rewards points redeemable for gifts in the Rewards Store.

There is no minimum deposit required to start using it, nor do you need to open a different bank account to apply for it.

In addition, this debit card has a mobile app to help cardholders manage their finances and offer 24/7 customer support.

If you want to get it, let us help you! See the content we prepared on how to request the Extra debit card right now and start building your score.