What can cause a credit score to drop?

See what the causes and possible solutions are.

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Maintaining a healthy financial life is essential to show the market that you are controlling the situation and that you are a responsible person.

A good score is usually higher than 690. For this, it is important to know what factors affect your credit score.

• Unpaid debts or delayed installments; • Applying for too many lines of credit; • Sudden change in the use of credit; • Error in the credit report;

It can cause a credit score to drop:

If your credit score drops for some reason, don't worry, this situation can be reversed with discipline and dedication.

• Pay your debts on time • Prioritize credit cards that help in credit reconstruction • Be careful when ordering many financial products • Track your credit history.

How to increase your credit score:

By following good practices, you will achieve the goal and make up for the decline in your credit score. Take a look at the content we prepared with more tips on how to improve your financial history.