Save the planet: use the Aspiration Spend & Save™ debit card

Understand the environmental cause defended by this financial product and ally yourself.

The Mister Finance.

Source: Aspiration.

Want to help save the planet? The Aspiration Spend & Save™ debit card is the ideal financial product.

It is a hybrid checking and savings account offering a debit card with cash back on conscious purchases.

Precisely, you can get up to 10% cash back on purchases from the Conscience Coalition, a group of companies concerned with climate change, preserving forests, and much more.

This card does not finance the oil or coal industries. In addition, it reforests, fights the climate crisis, and much more.

Moreover, it's a Mastercard product, so you can be sure that many merchants accept it. As you use it, it can help plant trees.

Let us help you obtain and engage in this environmental cause: see our content on how to apply for the Aspiration Spend & Save™ debit card.

Source: Aspiration.