Qtrade investing or BMO InvestorLine: Which is the best to invest in?

If you are in doubt between Qtrade Investing or BMO InvestorLine, then you should read this article and find out all the specific aspects of each one of them that make them stand out.


by Aline Augusto

Published on 03/06/2022

Qtrade investing vs BMO InvestorLine: comparison for investors

Qtrade investing or BMO InvestorLine? Source: Canva.
Qtrade investing or BMO InvestorLine? Source: Canva.

Qtrade investing and BMO InvestorLine are both top stock trading services provider in this category. And both of them are ranked as the best online trading in Canada and US market.

Similarly, they are both top-ranked stock trading services. In addition, both of them count with top-level security in investment operations.

Both Qtrade and BMO InvestorLine are regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). Bringing confidence and reliance to Canadian investors that can be safe their investments are safe.

So it might be some doubt when choosing between one of the investment platforms, right? Especially since both of the companies are willing to help Canadian investors business easier.

Well, in this article, it will be clear about the qualities and specifics characteristics of each one of them. In order to answer all your doubts and questions about both of them.

Below there are listed some of the benefits and downsides of the BMO InvestorLine platform and QTrade Investing. So, keep reading this review to help you decide between Qtrade investing or BMO InvestorLine.

BMO (logo) that features BMO World Elite Mastercard credit card

How to join the BMO InvestorLine?

BMO InvestorLine offers you a self-directed account with reasonable trading fees. Learn how to join it!

Logo Qtrade fundo azul

How to join Qtrade investing?

Qtrade investing is a self-directed investment account that features the best online trading platform in Canada. Check out how to join it!

Qtrade investing BMO InvestorLine 
Trading fees$4.95 for up to 500 shares, to a maximum of $9.95$9.95 per trade
Account minimum$0.00$0.00
Minimum investmentDoes not apply$5,000 minimum for most account profiles
Minimum age18 years18 years
Investment choicesETFs, Equities, Exchange-traded debentures, Fixed income, Mutual Funds, Options,Bonds, ETFs, GICs, Mutual Funds, Options, Stocks

Find out how BMO InvestorLine and Qtrade Invested are comparable for competing for trading and investing platforms.


Qtrade investing 

Learn more about it. Source: Qtrade.
Learn more about it. Source: Qtrade.

Qtrade investing is an award-winner online stock trading. That provides you the right tools to control your investments. And provides the customers with financial education to meet their financial goals.

It was founded in 2000 and currently is a service provider regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). Such as BMO InvestorLine, which surely brings more confidence to Canadian investors when choosing the platform.

It also offers nice and friendly customer service to help you with all the information.

In addition, you can count on high-level security on your investments.

It offers great benefits for those starting the investment process and for those who already have more experience as well.

BMO InvestorLine 

Learn more about it. Source: Youtube BMO.
Learn more about it. Source: Youtube BMO.

BMO InvestorLine is a platform that helps you control your financial investments in order to help you obtain real financial progress.

It is a top-ranked investment platform regulated by the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). So it’s safe to say that the services provided are safe by top-level security.

It also offers financial educational articles about investing and for that, it is consolidated with the quality of providing education and a broad range of information to its customers.  


Benefits of Qtrade investing

Qtrade Investing offers tools such as:

  • Easy to use platform with easy account opening as well 
  • You can get started on investing just by quickly filling an application online
  • Educational tools regarding investments and banking skills
  • Account access 24/7 for you to keep real-time control of your investments
  • Daily performance reports and account updates
  • Low trading fees and competitive comissions
  • Offers great investment education articles
  • Friendly and accessible costumer service
  • Safe platform with high-level security

Benefits of BMO InvestorLine

BMO InvestorLine offers a set of very useful tools for investors. Check out:

  • Portfolio overview accessible in a single window
  • Tabs for distribution 
  • 100% guarantee for personal banking customers in their online banking
  • Advice given by investment specialist as a service part of BMO InvestorLine 
  • Fairly straightforward platform 
  • Broad range of tools that make investing easy
  • Broad range of investments options 
  • Offers financial educational articles about investing
  • If you choose to sign up to CIPF membership, your account will be secured against insolvency with prizes up to $1,000,000


Disadvantages of Qtrade investing 

Services available only in Canada and US markets.

Disadvantages of BMO InvestorLine 

Trading commissions can be higher in some services.

Qtrade investing or BMO InvestorLine: which you should choose?

In conclusion, It depends entirely on your investor profile.

In case you’re a self-directed investor, BMO InvestorLine can be the right trading platform.

BMO InvestorLine also is recommended to active traders. It is good for beginners and for more experienced investors as well.

Qtrade investing is good for investors with more experience that are looking to expand their investments horizons. It is also recommended to investors targeting the Canadian market. Including beginners and new investors.

If you have some knowledge of the trading and investment market, then Qtrade is the right choice for you.

So if you are looking to choose an investment platform, check out your investor profile and compare it to the tools offered by each one.

But if you’re still not sure if these two options fulfill your financial needs, check out the following article, where we’ll show you another alternative available on the market, the Eastern Loans!

Eastern Loans

Eastern Loans review

If you need fast money to cover an unexpected expense, you have come to the right place. Today, we are going to do an Eastern Loans review!

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