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Discover everything about Pikachu crypto: a new cryptocurrency that has innovative and original features. Keep reading and find out how to make money with it.


by Aline Augusto

Published on 02/21/2022

Pikachu crypto coin: the digital currency that changed the world 

Learn more about this coin. Source: PIKA Crypto.
Learn more about this coin. Source: PIKA Crypto.

Pikachu crypto, also known as PIKA, is a crypto coin that has been gaining a lot of attention, with $120,000 worth in a daily volume.

This cryptocurrency offers a 25 percent burn rate at their transactions. 

Pikachu coin, or just PIKA, can be defined as the combination of economic fundaments in a meme coin.

Pika is a great crypto coin because it changed the perspective. 

How? By creating a crypto coin design that evolves as the investor stake it.

By staking, every 10,000 Pika evolves to one THUNDER, while 1000 THUNDER’s evolves into one RAI.

Logo Pikachu crypto

How to buy Pikachu coin?

Pikachu crypto coin has great potential. Check out how to buy it!


How do Pikachu coins and cryptocurrency work?

Pikachu is a cryptocurrency, which means this is a digital coin that is expected to continue to increase worth in value in the future.

Pikachu and all the crypto coins work by the same principle:

You will buy your crypto coins for some price and try to sell them in the future for a higher value, as it should increase in the market if it is a good investment.

That is basically how Pikachu works, with the addition that it has its own evolving system.

Pikachu coin crypto benefits

Keep reading this review. Source: Canva.
Keep reading this review. Source: Canva.

Pikachu coin crypto has been gaining attention among all others cryptocurrencies, and it indeed is for some reason.

It offers good benefits and is an outstanding cryptocurrency that tends to grow even more and increase value on the market.



  • It has a great potential in the market;
  • It has its own evolving ecosystem;
  • Pikachu token prices has been increasing in the last weeks;
  • All three tokens are implemented in their GameFi projects.


  • Not available to buy on every seller.


Should you start investing in Pikachu coins? 

The Pikachu coin is a good investment in cryptocurrencies as its value has constantly been growing.

The innovative ecosystem created by Pikachu is what makes this crypto coin a great investment potential.

Get started and invest in Pikachu coins! 

Can anyone buy Pikachu coin crypto?

Anyone can buy this coin crypto and stake it.

Just go to their website and click “buy now”, and you will be guided with all the steps to start buying Pikachu coin.

Cryptocurrencies are usually very open and available to the public.

How to buy and make money online with Pikachu coins?

If you want to buy Pikachu coins, you should check the cryptocurrencies platforms available such as

Pikachu coins are also available to buy at UniSwap. Its price now is $7,457314377175. 

After you buy them, you can choose the strategy to make money online with this coin. 

You can wait a more ample time for its value to increase on the market or immediately sell it to avoid risks.

And if you want to know more details on how to buy Pikachu coins, check out our article below!

Logo Pikachu crypto

How to buy Pikachu coin?

Pikachu crypto coin has great potential. Check out how to buy it!

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