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Interactive Brokers: overview on Interactive Brokers Investing app

If you want a broker with low trading fees and great investing tools, keep reading to know more about Interactive Brokers!


by Victória Lourenço

Published on 09/27/2021

Interactive Brokers Investing app

Check out our overview of Interactive Brokers. Source: Interactive Brokers
Check out our overview of Interactive Brokers. Source: Interactive Brokers

If you are an experienced investor, you might like Interactive Brokers (IBKR). This broker can be great for tracking investing trends, and it has very good tools that can help you with that. You can even become a Pro client for a small fee and get many investing benefits. So, if you want to know about some more features of IBKR, keep reading this post with our overview!

How to apply for Interactive Brokers Investing app

Do you fit the trader profile to join Interactive Brokers Investing? If so, keep reading to know how to open your IBKR account!

Trading fees$0.005 per share (Pro Platform)
1% of trade value
$0 for IBKR Lite
Account minimum$0
PromotionNo promotions are available at the moment
Investment choicesFractional shares, stocks, mutual funds, bonds, options, ETFs, Forex, Futures, and metals


What is special about Interactive Brokers?

This broker can be great for active traders. Source: Gettyimages
This broker can be great for active traders. Source: Gettyimages

Interactive Brokers

Cryptocurrency investing available and low trading fees

Low fees
Many account types available
Great research tools
Invest in cryptocurrency

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IBKR is a broker with very special features for active and experienced traders. It has a very low price per share, many types of accounts available, foreign stocks options, and a great trading platform available. Also, there is the option to become a Pro customer and get even more benefits.

Moreover, they also offer IBKR Lite, which now is offering trades with a free commission for stocks and ETFs. IBKR Lite can be more useful for more casual traders, but you can get unlimited free trades of ETFs and stocks, and more.

Who can apply for the Interactive Brokers investing app?

Check out who can apply for IBKR. Source: Gettyimages
Check out who can apply for IBKR. Source: Gettyimages

IBKR Lite and IBKR Pro both have zero fees for account maintenance or inactivity. Also, they do not have an account minimum to join. However, considering some more of this broker’s features, this app may not be so good for beginners in trading.

So, this app can be good for more advanced traders and casual traders as well. With that, they can apply for it and start investing with this great broker. Moreover, this broker can also be good for day traders and traders who want a lot of good research and data available.

Interactive Brokers Investing app full review

Do you want a broker with great research trading tools? Then, check out our full review of the Interactive Brokers Investing app!

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