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How to start an Airbnb with no money

How to start an Airbnb with no money? Check out our simple tips on how to make a profit with Airbnb, whether you own property or not!

Starting an Airbnb: more than just renting a space

You can start an Airbnb with no money. Source: Adobe Stock.
You can start an Airbnb with no money. Source: Adobe Stock.

Airbnb is an online platform that gathers properties for people to rent for a period of time. You can start an Airbnb with no money, using what you already have!

People take advantage of this community by finding out who wants to advertise a space they own and renting their space under some terms and conditions.   

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However, Airbnb is way more than just that. The platform offers various ways of making money, and usually, most people don’t know it.

Check out how it works and learn how to start an Airbnb with no money, to make a profit with it, no matter if you own a space or not. 

What an Airbnb is and how it works

Airbnb is a great way to rent a house for a short period of time. Source: Freepik.
Airbnb is a great way to rent a house for a short period of time. Source: Freepik.

In the past, people used to make extra income by renting their properties or space to other people with an agreement that included terms with at least one year of rental.

Not many people thought about renting for a short period of time for vacation goals. Therefore, you used to look for hotels or hostels to enjoy secure accommodation on a trip.

On the other hand, not everyone can afford luxurious hotels with all amenities included. 

Usually, reasonable pricing hotels do not offer excellent services. 

In 2008, Airbnb was launched. And the hosting experience was taken to a whole other level.

The platform gathers accommodations, from a single room to a complete property, where you can sign in to rent something for a day or more.

The advantages are many. Firstly, the prices widely vary so you can choose fantastic accommodation at a reasonable price. Mostly because people can start an Airbnb with no money, unlike hotels and resorts.

Secondly, you can dive into the local culture by staying in a traditional property instead of a typical hotel.

Thirdly, there are so many options available that you will certainly find one that fits your needs and goals perfectly.

Also, Airbnb offers a way for property owners to make a profit with security and convenience. 

So, the obvious way of making money through Airbnb is renting accommodation of your own through the platform.

But, let’s suppose you don’t have a property or you don’t have money to invest in it; how to start an Airbnb in those conditions?

Check out our simple tips right below!    

3 simple tips on how to start an Airbnb with no money

Follow these tips to start your Airbnb! Source: Freepik.
Follow these tips to start your Airbnb! Source: Freepik.

Everyone knows that it is possible to annunciate a room or a complete property on the Airbnb platform. So, it is quite simple if you have a vacant property to start an Airbnb and make extra money with it.

However, not everyone has property or a space to put on Airbnb, and not everyone can invest in buying their own house to rent. 

Furthermore, only a few know that Airbnb offers more than that. You can take advantage of the platform with no property of your own or with little or no money.

Therefore, we have selected three other ways you can start an Airbnb.

Property Manager

Airbnb offers other ways of starting with it with no money or no property. One way to start an Airbnb with no money is to become a property manager.

Many people who annunciate their properties on Airbnb don’t want to spend time and effort with some regular tasks the platform requires, such as filling in the forms, settling goals, services, maintenance, cleaning details, and others.

Then, they hire managers who are focused on helping them with those tasks, whether the tasks are being followed on the platform or the property and more.

If you are interested in doing it, you don’t need much money to start. It is important to have a good business card, a website to spread the word, and some contacts to help you with networking.

Airbnb Affiliate

Moreover, Airbnb offers an affiliate program you can count on to make extra money with no money.

For example, if you invite a friend of yours to open an account and start an Airbnb, and they book their first accommodation and spread the word about it, a commission will be sent to you, and you can get money.

Therefore, you can work on marketing skills to design a good strategy in order to catch more audiences to join and book their next vacation through the platform.

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Airbnb Experiences

There is another zero-investment way of starting an Airbnb. Airbnb Experiences is maybe the easiest way of making a profit with the platform.

The goal is to invite locals to design an exclusive experience to entertain tourists. So, if you know art, know your city, have a special skill like cooking, or even have a valuable cause, you can join the community and earn money for it.

All you have to do is becoming a host on the Airbnb platform and configure your experience according to your skills and goals.  

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Now, let’s suppose you want to go further and invest in a space or even a complete property to annunciate it on Airbnb. Then, you must make a plan to either save money or go after a loan or mortgage.

Before deciding about it, it is essential to understand the ups and downs and take notes about your financial situation, including how much you will spend against the possible income to earn.

With solid financial planning, you might be able to invest in a space to rent. 

But, also, you must learn all about finances. It includes basic processes like loans and credit scores.

So, keep reading the following post to begin your journey!

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