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How to join the Webull Investing app?

If you think that the Webull Investing app will give you many investment benefits, keep reading our post to know how to open your Webull account!

Opening an account at Webull Investing app

Learn how to join the Webull investing app. Source: Amazon
Learn how to join the Webull investing app. Source: Amazon

If you read our review posts about this app, you have enough information to decide if you want to join the Webull Investing app. So, to help you learn how to join this app, we have prepared this post with information to guide you. Also, we will give you a comparison with another investing app so you can have a good perspective on the matter.





No commissions. No minimum deposit.

You will be redirected to another website

Open account online

Opening your Webull account can be easy and fast. Source: Gettyimages
Opening your Webull account can be easy and fast. Source: Gettyimages

It can be very easy and fast to open your Webull account online. You can go to Webull’s website and click on Get Started, which will take you to another page. On this page, you will need to put your email information and create a password. Also, you will receive a verification code. After that, you can click on Sign Up.

Join using the app

Learn how to join Webull using the app. Source: Gettyimages
Learn how to join Webull using the app. Source: Gettyimages

To join the Webull app using the mobile application, you need to download the app, which is available for IOS and Android. After that, you can follow the instructions on the screen, provide your information and wait for a response, much like opening your account online.

Webull Investing vs. Charles Schwab

When looking for an investment app, it is always good to research different options before deciding which platform to use for your investments. With that, we have prepared a comparison of the Webull app and Charles Schwab. So, check it out below!

Webull Investing Charles Schwab
Trading feesNo fee per trade$0 for ETFs and stock
$0.65 for options (per contract)
Account minimumNo account minimum ($2,000 for margin accounts)Zero-dollar account minimum
Promotion*2 free stocks
5 dollars SHIB and up to $2,300 in free stocks

*Terms apply
Charles Schwab offers up to $500 in cash

*Terms apply
Investment choicesETFs, cryptos, stocks, ADRs, and optionsStocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, futures

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