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How to join and start banking with join TAB Bank?

Learn how to join TAB Bank and enjoy its benefits, including a wide range of financial products for you or your business.

by Aline Augusto

Published on 07/11/2022

TAB Bank: accounts with great rates and rewards

TAB Bank offers a wide range of financial solutions for you or your business. Source: TAB Bank LinkedIn.
TAB Bank offers a wide range of financial solutions for you or your business. Source: TAB Bank LinkedIn.

Do you want to know how to join TAB Bank? We’ll tell you all about it in this post! TAB is a digital bank that offers a variety of accounts for many purposes, needs, and goals. Besides the accounts, you can access lending options and solutions for small businesses, so you can unlock challenges and build a solid financial path.




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Full service with fantastic customer service!

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If you are searching for a bank with a complete package of products and services, TAB might be worth considering. Although it lacks physical branches, the bank is known for its fantastic customer service. Now, learn how to open an account or choose another solution.

Apply for an account

Check out how to join TAB Bank! Source: Canva.
Check out how to join TAB Bank! Source: Canva.

Access the official website and click on Personal or Business, depending on your purpose.

After that, choose the account you want to open. TAB offers savings accounts, checking options, CDs, and solutions for businesses.

All accounts have simple requirements, and many don’t charge monthly fees. Also, the accounts feature competitive rates and even reward programs.

After choosing the type of account that fits your needs better, fill in the forms with your personal information in the application.

Apply for the lending options

You may enjoy the lending options offered if you have a small business. All you have to do is choose the best one for you and then fill in the forms required.

TAB Bank vs. Wells Fargo Bank 

If you need a more comprehensive range of products, including credit cards, check out another option we’ve selected for you right below!

join Wells Fargo Bank

How to start banking with Wells Fargo Bank?

Learn how to join Wells Fargo bank and enjoy all it has to offer!

TAB Bank Wells Fargo Bank 
Financial products and services offeredPersonal solutions and accounts, business accounts and services, insurance Checking, savings, and CDs;
Credit cards;
Home, personal, auto loans;
Investing and Wealth management;
Small Business;
Commercial & Corporate banking
FeesMost accounts have no monthly fees, and in those that have, you can avoid fees by maintaining a minimum balance and following some requirementsAll accounts have monthly service fees, but you can waive them by following the requirements;
Credit cards feature $0 annual fee
Minimum balanceIt starts from $1, and it varies depending on the account you chooseA minimum balance is recommended to avoid the monthly fees. Also, there is a minimum opening deposit for each account.
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