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Bitcoin crypto: how does it work? Get Started With Bitcoins Today!

Investing in Bitcoin crypto can be lucrative but also challenging. Before deciding to go through with it, take a look at how it works in this article!

Bitcoin crypto: the digital currency that changed the world 

Learn more about the Bitcoin crypto. Source:
Learn more about the Bitcoin crypto. Source:

Before explaining to you how it works, we have to take a step back and do an overview of what Bitcoin crypto is.

So, this crypto is the first cryptocurrency known and recognized around the world. Basically, it allows the exchange of value in a digital environment. 

Then, you can call it a form of digital money that is independent of any government or financial institution.

It is practically a whole ecosystem alone. And it was launched anonymously in January 2009.

Nowadays, it is globally traded and measured in the tens of billions of dollars.

Now let’s take an inside look at how it works and how you can get started with it today!

Bitcoin fundo branco

How to buy Bitcoin?

Check out how to buy Bitcoin, a decentralized and open-source currency.

How does Bitcoin work?

Take a look at how Bitcoin crypto works! Source: Unsplash.
Take a look at how Bitcoin crypto works! Source: Unsplash.

If you want to do value transactions outside the traditional system, cryptocurrency might be an excellent option for you.

Regarding Bitcoin, it is decentralized, securely recorded on a public ledger called blockchain, transparent, permissionless so anyone can join the club, pseudo-anonymous since transactions are tied to addresses, not identities, public, and more.

Also, there is no need for a third party as an intermediary since this coin allows payments from one person or business to another.

First of all, you need to install a Bitcoin wallet on your mobile device or computer. This will generate the first Bitcoin address. Then, you can create more if you want or need.

After that, and through this wallet, you can start receiving, storing, and using it.

Every transaction you make is recorded in a public list or blockchain. Plus, you can get this crypto by buying it, selling things and getting paid with it, or creating new Bitcoins through a process called mining.

And where do you get money with it? In the same way diamonds are valuable, people get real things like goods, services, and cash by exchanging Bitcoins.  

Bitcoin crypto benefits

See what are the benefits of the bitcoin crypto. Source: Pexels.
See what are the benefits of the bitcoin crypto. Source: Pexels.

Besides the fact that it is decentralized, securely recorded, transparent, permissionless, pseudo-anonymous, public, this coin is disinflationary. Plus, it is a hard asset since it is known for its fixed supply of a final tally of 21 million coins.

In addition, it offers an incentive to participants called miners, who are driven to mine new bitcoins to secure and maintain the network. 


  • It is not controlled by the government, financial institutions, or third parties;
  • It offers pseudo-anonymous transactions;
  • High return potential.
  • It is transparent and securely recorded on the blockchain;


  • You need to make sure you secure your private key information to log in to your wallet;
  • It is important to use a fresh bitcoin address for every transaction;
  • It is volatile;
  • There are no government regulations.
  • It has a fixed supply;

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Should you start investing in bitcoins? 

If you want an asset that is decentralized and offers high return potential, Bitcoin might be an investment option for you. But, you need to be aware of some recommendations before joining the club.

Can anyone buy bitcoin crypto?

Yes, everyone can buy, receive, store, and spend bitcoins. All you need to do is choose the perfect wallet for you according to your needs and goals.

How to buy and make money online with Bitcoin?

If you want to start investing in this digital coin world, keep reading our next article to understand how to buy and make money with it.

Bitcoin fundo branco

How to buy Bitcoin?

Check out how to buy Bitcoin, a decentralized and open-source currency.

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