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How to join Cryptohopper and invest in cryptocurrency?

Join Cryptohopper, the most powerful trading bot, and start investing in cryptocurrency like a professional trader!

Using the most powerful crypto trading bot

Start investing in cryptocurrency like a pro! Source: Cryptohopper.
Start investing in cryptocurrency like a pro! Source: Cryptohopper.

Cryptohopper leads the trading bot market. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced investor, you might enjoy being a better trader with the help of a powerful automated trading bot. So keep reading to learn how to join Cryptohopper.

Its AI makes it easier to settle the best strategies to maximize earnings mitigate risks, avoid losses, and learn about the cryptocurrency market while tracking it 24/7.

Cryptohopper offers a marketplace full of templates and signals, tools, solutions for all kinds of investors and managers, and much more.

Besides its high-level technology, the platform is pretty easy to use and integrates with major exchanges.

Also, you can sign up for free and enjoy a free 7-day trial before deciding which plan fits your style better.

Check out how to join Hopper!


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The most powerful crypto trading bot is here!

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How to join Cryptohopper

Check out how to join and use Cryptohopper, the most powerful trading bot! Source: Pexels.
Check out how to join and use Cryptohopper, the most powerful trading bot! Source: Pexels.

It is simple to join the most powerful trading bot available on the market. Check out the step-by-step we have prepared for you!

Access the website and create your account

Access the official Cryptohopper website and click on Sign up.

Then, create your account.

You must settle a nickname, fill in your email address, and define a password. You can also log in with your Google account, Facebook, or Apple ID.

Then, verify your identity by email, and activate your new account.

Set up your new account

Now, it is time to configure your settings. So, connect an exchange and set up the hopper with the basics. 

You will be able to access the dashboard, where you can backtest your bot, download templates, choose strategies, and subscribe to signals.

Start hopping

After setting up your account and configuring the basics, you can start hopping, which means your bot is ready to trade automatically.

Cryptohopper vs. Pionex: which one should you choose? 

If you want an alternative that is as popular as Cryptohopper, Pionex is the one. It connects to all major exchanges and offers different plans for each investor, including a free version. However, there are a number of different automated crypto platforms you can choose from. Check the following link to see what they are!

best automated crypto trading platform

Automated crypto trading platform

Set the strategy and let the platform do the job! Learn more about trading with bots.

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