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How to buy Boom coin and make money online with it?

Learn today how to buy Boom, a deflationary and self-burning cryptocurrency based on smart contract technology.

Buying Boom: get started with Boom crypto now!

Find out how the get this token. Source: Boom Token Twitter.
Find out how the get this token. Source: Boom Token Twitter.

Before we show you how to buy Boom tokens, we’ll tell you a bit more about this interesting crypto. The Boom crypto is part of a social experiment.

Blockchain technology allowed its creation, and its deflation mechanism is based on the smart contract. This cryptocurrency is the first self-burning based on that technology, and there are three rules for conducting the project.

So, the first one concerns the number supply of tokens. Originally, there were one billion in existence.

The second one relates to its process. Every time an on-chain Boom transaction is completed, 1% of it is burned.

Finally, the last rule is that there won’t be any new coin minted whatsoever.

The whole process doesn’t require human interference, and Boom’s existence will have remained until all of it is burned.

A deflationary coin can be an advantage for investors, especially this one that is based on a smart contract.

So, learn how to buy Boom.

This offer is currently offline. Meanwhile, learn how to buy and make money with Lovelace crypto.

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If you want to use Lovelace's creation tools and profit with the coin, check out our post about how to buy Lovelace crypto!

How to buy and invest in Boom crypto

See how to buy Boom online. Source: Unsplash.
See how to buy Boom online. Source: Unsplash.

Take a look at how easy it is to buy and invest in the cryptocurrency Boom!

Access the project’s website

Firstly, you need to access the project’s official website. Then, click on Get Boom.

Choose the platform

After clicking on the bottom Get Boom, you will be redirected to some platforms available where you can trade Boom.

There are 12, including BitMart,, McAfeeDex, and more.

Choose the best one that fits your profile.

Get Boom

Finally, after choosing the best platform for you, get Boom coins as you wish.

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Boom crypto vs. Plasma: which you should buy? 

Boom is a social experiment based on creating the first self-burning cryptocurrency based on a smart contract. That means this coin operates with a deflation mechanism on the blockchain.

However, if you want to invest in another project based on the popular blockchain Ethereum, with a well-known objective, Plasma might be a great option for you. Basically, Plasma was developed to solve the scalability issue on Ethereum.

With a clear goal, it is easier to make some predictions about the technology and investment.

Therefore, learn how to buy and invest in it.

Plasma crypto logo

How to buy Plasma?

Check out how to buy Plasma and make money online with it!

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