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How to buy and make money online with Bitcoin?

Are you prepared to join the digital currency world? Before doing it, read this article about how to buy Bitcoin, a decentralized and open-source currency.

by Aline Augusto

02/11/2022 | Updated on 03/03/2022

Buying Bitcoin: get started with Bitcoins now!

See how to buy online. Source:
See how to buy online. Source:

Before starting to learn how to buy Bitcoin crypto and start investing, it is essential that you inform yourself about this new universe. 

Firstly, you need to understand the basics. So, a bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is decentralized, securely recorded, transparent, permissionless, public, and more.

If you want to invest in something that is not controlled by the government, traditional financial institutions, and third parties, you should take a look at how to buy Bitcoin.

In addition, it offers pseudo-anonymous transactions and a high potential for return. 

But it is important to note that you use a new bitcoin address for every transaction, and you must secure your private key information to log in to your wallet and make transactions.

Then, keep reading to follow the step-by-step.




Blockchain Wallet

Take your investments to the next level with cryptocurrencies.

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How to buy and invest in bitcoin crypto: decentralized and open-source digital currency

Find out how to buy bitcoin. Source: Unsplash.
Find out how to buy bitcoin. Source: Unsplash.

After informing yourself about this digital currency, you need to follow the steps below:

Choose your wallet

There are many bitcoin wallets available for you to install on your mobile device or your computer.

So, choose the one that fulfills your needs and goals. And especially one that is easy-to-use, because you will probably spend some time using it every day.

Get Bitcoin

After choosing the best wallet for you, it is time to get some coins. Then, you can basically buy bitcoin or accept it as payment for goods and services.

Spend Bitcoin

You can also spend it by purchasing goods and services at merchants worldwide. So, pay for something with it.

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Bitcoin crypto vs. Ethereum: which you should buy? 

Bitcoin crypto is a way of exchanging value through digital transactions. It is an alternative to traditional trading currencies controlled by governments, financial institutions, and third parties.

On the other hand, Ethereum is a platform based on blockchain with a cryptocurrency known as ETH. Also, it can be applied in various areas like NFTs, DeFi, and more. So, learn more information below on how to buy it!

Computador e pedras de Ethereum

How to buy Ethereum?

Ethereum crypto is the best cryptocurrency available. Check out how to buy Ethereum and start investing!

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