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How to apply for the World Elite Mastercard® credit card?

The World Elite Mastercard® credit card is all about the exclusivity you deserve in your high standard way of living. Then, keep reading to learn how to apply for it!


by Aline Augusto

Published on 12/19/2021

World Elite Mastercard® credit card application

See how to apply online to get this credit card. Source: Mastercard.
See how to apply online to get this credit card. Source: Mastercard.

The World Elite Mastercard® card is a great option for those looking for VIP treatment and travel services.

And as an exclusive card, you will need to check in a lot of information about yourself to apply for it. 

But, as a result, and if approved, you can enjoy all the perks this cred card can provide you, such as 24/7 concierge service, travel insurance, a point-up bonus program, and more.

So, don’t wait anymore and follow our tips on how to apply for this card right now.


Credit Card

World Elite Mastercard®

bonus program insurance

Contactless payment, customer assistance, and more!

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Apply online

How to apply online to get this credit card? Source: Pexels.
How to apply online to get this credit card? Source: Pexels.

Access the My Mastercard website at and click on Apply Now.

Then, fill in the personal information, as well as occupation and financial status.

Finally, submit it and wait for the approval. 

Apply using the app

Only apply using the website. After receiving your credit card, you can download the app that controls payments.

World Elite Mastercard® credit card vs. Mastercard Black credit card 

If you got this far, but it is still not sure about the best financial option for you, don’t worry!

And if you are looking for a card that provides you with exclusivity, convenience, flexibility, and safety, we have another credit card to present to you.

So, check out our comparison chart below and decide which fits your privileged lifestyle better!

World Elite Mastercard®Mastercard Black
Credit ScoreGood – ExcellentGood – Excellent
Annual FeeIt varies, depending on the chosen financial institution$495 plus $195 for each additional Authorized User 
Regular APRVariable, depending on the chosen financial institution14.99% variable
Welcome bonusN/ANone 
RewardsEach 3 rides with Lyft in a month, you’ll get a $5 credit once per month; Free ShopRunner membership.1 point for each dollar spent 1.5% cashback
2% for Airfare redemption 

How to apply for Mastercard Black credit card?

Do you want to have the luxury status that the Mastercard Black Edition card can offer you? If so, read more to know how to apply!

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