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How to apply for the Wayfair Credit Card?

Do you need a way to get rewards while making purchases for your home? If so, read our post to learn how to apply for the Wayfair Credit Card!

Wayfair Credit Card application: Get a $25 intro bonus!

See how you can apply for this card and earn rewards. Source: The Mister Finance.
See how you can apply for this card and earn rewards. Source: The Mister Finance.

Are you a Canadian looking for a helpful, easy-to-use credit card at Wayfair? Then, you can read on to learn how to apply for the Wayfair credit card!


Credit Card

Wayfair Credit Card

cash back welcome bonus

Find the best perks to get while you make purchases at the Wayfair store!

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Also, not only is it simple to apply for, but you’ll also get an amazing bonus; receive $25 upon approval as a new cardholder after spending $150 on your first eligible order!

On top of that, you can even choose between a 0% intro financing for 24 months or a 3% cashback reward!

Therefore, with so many great benefits available with this handy new card, read on to find out how to apply today!

Online Application Process

Keep reading and see how to apply online for the Wayfair Credit Card. Source: Adobe Stock.
Keep reading and see how to apply online for the Wayfair Credit Card. Source: Adobe Stock.

Before you start applying for this credit card, you’ll need to know if you meet the requirements to get your Flexiti account. Moreover, you’ll need to have a Flexiti account to start your application.

Also, to apply, you’ll only need to provide some personal information online through the official website. Moreover, you’ll be able to link your Wayfair Credit Card to your account after you create one.

Other ways to apply

Moreover, the most efficient way to apply for this credit card is by going to the official website to complete the application. And you can read our topic above to understand more about this.

However, you can call them at the official phone number shown on the website to get any application questions answered!

Wayfair Credit Card vs. Amazon Credit Card

If you’re looking for a different store credit card, we can help you out! Also, you can try applying for an Amazon credit card!

Moreover, if you’re looking for a great card to help you make the best out of your regular Amazon purchases!

Also, you can use this card to earn rewards for Amazon purchases and other purchases with your card. So, read the comparison table below to see which one is best!

Wayfair Credit CardAmazon Credit Card
Credit ScoreN/A.Good score.
Interest rate*Account AIR: 31.99%, 35% (max for Quebec residents), 36.99%, and 39.99%.

*Terms apply.
19.99% variable (standard rate for purchases);

22.99% variable (standard rate for balance transfers and cash advances).

*Terms apply.
Annual Fee*$39.99 annual fee (valid for Quebec residents).

*Terms apply.
Fees*You may need to pay an administrative fee of $24 for 6-month plans, $48 for 12-month plans, and $120 for 24-month plans (excluding Quebec residents).

*Terms apply.
2.5% fee of the transaction amount for foreign transactions.

*Terms apply.
Welcome bonus*You’ll be able to earn a $25 intro offer after you spend $150 or more on your first eligible order.

*Terms apply.
Earn 5$ cash back on qualifying purchases at, grocery stores, Whole Foods Market, and restaurants (valid for your first $3,000 spent).

*Terms apply.
Rewards*You can earn either 3% cash back in rewards for eligible purchases or 0% interest financing for up to 24 months of using the card.

*Terms apply.
2.5% cash back for eligible Amazon Prime members on qualifying purchases at Whole Foods Market and (valid from when the welcome bonus period ends);

2.5% cash back on qualifying foreign currency transactions;

Also, 1% cash back on qualifying purchases at places where Mastercard is accepted.

*Terms apply.

In the following, you can learn more about the Amazon credit card.

Amazon credit card

How to apply for the Amazon Credit Card?

Learn everything about the application process to get your Amazon credit card and enjoy its benefits.

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