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How to apply for the Unique Platinum card?

The Unique Platinum is a store card featured by Unique Card Services and My Unique Outlet. You can get many benefits by applying for one. So, learn today how to do it!

Unique Platinum card application

Find out how the application process works! Source: Unique Card Services.
Find out how the application process works! Source: Unique Card Services.

If you frequently shop at My Unique Outlet, you have already heard of the cards. One of them, the Unique Platinum card, offers exclusive benefits others don’t. Such as 0% regular APR on purchases, no credit check required for the application, a rewards program, legal and roadside assistance, and prescriptions discounts.

Plus, the reward program doesn’t expire, and you can use it for dining, traveling, shopping, and more.

However, note that it charges $19.95 per month for membership or $239.40 annually. And, there is a $29.95 initial cost.

Check out how to get your Unique online!


Store Card

Unique Platinum

rewards online store

No credit check required. Up to $1,000 credit line.

You will be redirected to another website

Apply online

See how to apply online to get the Unique Platinum card. Source: Canva.
See how to apply online to get the Unique Platinum card. Source: Canva.

Access the Unique Card Services at and click on Apply now. 

Then, enter your email and click on Start now. Note that it only requires that you are a U.S. resident over the age of 18.

Fill in the forms with your personal and contact information. It doesn’t require credit history, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Finally, submit it. And get your instant approval.

Apply using the app

You can only use the website for the application. But, as soon as you get the card, you can download the Unique Rx app from RxSpark, to get your prescription discounts.

Unique Platinum credit card vs. American Express Platinum credit card

If you like shopping at My Unique Outlet, the Unique Platinum might be a good card for you since it offers some benefits with no APR on purchases. 

But if you look for a luxury credit card with perks and a high annual fee, check out this AMEX Platinum right below.

Unique Platinum  American Express Platinum 
Credit ScoreNo credit history or check requiredGood – Excellent 
Annual Fee$19.95 per month (Membership) or $239.40 annually + $29.95 as initial cost$695
Regular APR0%See terms
Welcome bonusNoneNone
RewardsUnique Rewards like gift cards, dining and travel, online shopping, grocery coupons;$25 in rewards dollars every monthMembership Rewards points
American Express Platinum credit card

How to apply for American Express Platinum card?

If you are ready to obtain your American Express Platinum card, here are some information that can guide you through the process!

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