How to apply for the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card?

Are you a frequent traveler looking for an exciting rewards credit card offer? If so, read on to learn how to apply for the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card!

by Victória Lourenço

Published on 01/18/2023

Nedbank Platinum Credit Card application: Flexible repayment options!

Apply for this credit card to enjoy its benefits. Source: The Mister Finance.
Apply for this credit card to enjoy its benefits. Source: The Mister Finance.

Welcome to the world of convenience, perks, and flexibility offered by the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card! So, you’ll love to learn how to apply for the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card!


Credit Card

Nedbank Platinum Card

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This is a credit card with travel benefits and flexible repayment options!

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Also, we understand how important it is for you to have a card that simplifies payment options, provides great discounts, and offers comprehensive travel insurance.

Moreover, applying for your own Nedbank Platinum Credit Card has never been easier!

In addition, from earning rewards through everyday spending to getting discounted rental cars and movie ticket discounts, among other irresistible benefits!

Therefore, as a South African looking for an all-inclusive card with multiple advantages, this one’s ideal just for you.

Therefore, keep reading to find out more about the amazing benefits of applying for Nedbank’s platinum credit card today!

Online Application Process

Check Nedbank's official website to make your online application. Source: Canva.
Check Nedbank’s official website to make your online application. Source: Canva.

You can apply online for the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card through the official application form on the website. However, you’ll need to have a good credit score and be in good financial standing.

Other ways to apply

You can find other ways to apply for this credit card, such as going to a physical branch or calling them. Moreover, the easiest way to apply is online through the official website.

Nedbank Platinum Credit Card vs. ABSA Premium Banking Credit Card

If this Nedbank card is not what you’ve been looking for, you can try applying for the ABSA Premium Banking Credit Card! This credit card also offers incredible rewards and perks!

So, read our comparison table below to learn more and see if this is the best choice!

Nedbank Platinum Credit CardABSA Premium Banking Credit Card
Requirements*You need to be at least 18 years old to apply, live in South Africa and have a South African ID or a valid passport, earn at least R29,000 per month, and others;
Also, you’ll need to have a good credit score. to apply for the Nedbank Platinum Credit Card.
*Terms apply.
You’ll need to earn at least R25,000 per month;
Be at least 18 years old or more;
You’ll need to have a valid South African ID and proof of residency;
There can be other requirements to apply.
*Terms apply.
Initiation Fee*N/A.Up to R175.
*Terms apply.
Monthly Fee*R96 per month;
Credit facility fee from R32 per month;
Greenbacks linkage fee: R27.
*Terms apply.

R62 per month to keep the account;
R30 monthly credit facility fee.
*Terms apply.
Fees*There are no card delivery fees;
Additional card: R35;
Up to 55 days interest-free.
*Terms apply.
There are no transaction fees for purchases;
Up to 57 days interest-free on eligible transactions.
*Terms apply.
Rewards*Get 50% off your Nu Metro movie tickets;
Buy at bp and get a chance to win R20,000 worth of fuel;
You’ll earn Greenbacks rewards on all eligible purchases made with your Nedbank Platinum Credit Card;
Access great restaurant deals and travel discounts, including car hire, flights, and accommodation;
*Terms apply.

30% cash back, depending on your Rewards Tier when purchasing with your card internationally or nationally;
Also, you can earn Premium Rewards Booster at Dis-Chem (up to an additional 10% booster on the standard Absa Rewards rate);
*Terms apply.

Now that you know more about this other credit card, you can learn how to apply for it on the following.

ABSA Premium Banking credit Card

How to apply for ABSA Premium Banking Credit Card?

If you need a card with 24/7 online banking and features for travelers, read on to apply for the ABSA Premium Banking Credit Card!

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