How to apply for the MC1 Mastercard® credit card?

An MC1 Mastercard® credit card is a fantastic tool for those who want to align security, convenience, credit building, and enhanced experiences. Check out how to apply for one!

MC1 Mastercard® credit card application: a simple tool to cover your needs

Find out how the application process to get this credit card works! Source: NBC.
Find out how the application process to get this credit card works! Source: NBC.

The MC1 Mastercard® credit card, issued by National Bank, is a card that mixes security, convenience, and unique experiences for cardholders. It is a helpful tool for those who want to build credit at a low cost. So, if you use the card responsibly, you may enjoy this powerful product.

Also, there are no annual fees associated with both primary and additional cards. And that is not the only benefit you get from it.

This Mastercard comes with a full package of security features, including Purchase Protection, Extended Warranty, Fraud Protection, and Mastercard ID Check for online purchases.

Furthermore, the credit card offers a program called Priceless Cities, which allows you to enhance dining, entertainment, traveling, and many other experiences.

To apply for it, you need to be a Canadian resident at the age of majority. 

Now, learn how to get it right below!


Credit Card

MC1 Mastercard®

no annual fee credit builder

Security features with an unique experience program. All of that at a $0 annual fee!

You will be redirected to another website

Apply online

See how to apply online to get this credit card. Source: Pexels.
See how to apply online to get this credit card. Source: Pexels.

Access the National Bank website and select the Personal tab. Then, choose the credit cards menu, and select the MC1 Mastercard® credit card.

After that, click on Apply Now.

The application takes under 5 minutes.

Fill in the fields with your personal information and submit the application.

Apply using the app

After applying for the card, download the National Bank mobile app to manage your account.

MC1 Mastercard® credit card card vs. Fit Mastercard® credit card  

The MC1 Mastercard® card is definitely an amazing option for those who want to mix convenience, security, and exclusive experiences.

However, if you don’t have enough credit score to apply for it, take a look at an alternative for you in the following table.

MC1 Mastercard® credit card Fit Mastercard® credit card
Credit ScoreFairFrom bad to fair
Annual Fees$0$99
Regular APR20.99% (purchase rate)
22.49% (cash advances and balance transfers)
29.99% Variable APR
Welcome bonusNoneNone 

If you are interested in the Fit Mastercard® credit card, check out how to apply for it below!

How do you get the Fit Mastercard credit card?

Do you need to reestablish personal finances? The Fit Mastercard card can be a good option for you. Read our post about how to apply for it!

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