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First Access Visa® Card application

If you are having trouble with the credit cards application process due to a bad credit score, you should look at the First Access Visa® Card. So, check out how to apply for it!

by Aline Augusto

11/26/2021 | Updated on 01/25/2023

First Access Visa® Card: learn how to apply and get yours!

See how you can apply for this card! Source: The Mister Finance.
See how you can apply for this card! Source: The Mister Finance.

The First Access Visa® Card is an excellent option if you’re trying to build or rebuild your credit history. It offers great customer service that will help make the application process quick and simple. A great choice if you want to take control of your finances!

So, the First Access is an unsecured card that offers the opportunity to build a credit score. But it comes with a price. It charges an annual fee and a high APR.

If you think this card fulfills your needs, check out how to apply for one.


Credit Card

First Access Visa®

VISA® Easy to apply

Helps you build up credit and it doesn’t require credit history.

You will be redirected to another website

Apply online

See how you can apply online for this card. Source: Pixabay.
See how you can apply online for this card. Source: Pixabay.

Access First Access’ website and click on Apply now. It is an easy application process. Fill in the form with the information required and wait for the approval.

But, note that you need a checking account.

Apply using the app

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app for you to access the information regarding your credit card.

But you can contact the company by email at [email protected] or by telephone at (888) 267-7980.

First Access Visa® Card or Discover it® Student Chrome Card? 

If you’re still not sure about the best option for your financial life, don’t worry! You can learn more about another great card available on the market, the Discover it® Student Chrome.

So, if you are searching for rewards and better rates, the Discover it® credit card should do the job. But note that it requires at least a good credit score.

Check out our comparison chart below so you can decide which one is the best call for you!

First Access Visa® CardDiscover it® Student Chrome Card
Credit ScoreBad – FairGood – Excellent
Annual FeeSee terms$0
Regular APRSee termsFrom 11.99% to 22.99%
Welcome bonusNoneCashback Match program
RewardsNoneFrom 1% to 5% cash back
Discover it® Student Cash Back credit card com estampa colorido fundo branco

How to apply Discover it® Student Chrome card

The Discover it® Student Chrome credit card is a good choice for students who need a start in financial planning. See how to apply for it now!

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