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How to apply for the Discover it® Student Cash Back credit card?

The Discover it® Student Cash Back gives you rewards with no fees and a chance to build your credit history. See how to apply for it!


by Aline Augusto

Published on 12/16/2021

Discover it® Student Cash Back credit card application

Find out how the application process works! Source: Discover.
Find out how the application process works! Source: Discover.

If you are searching for a card that helps you build credit history at the same time as rewards you with cash back, the Discover it® Student Cash Back might be the right choice for you!

Since it reports to all three major credit bureaus, as long as you pay your dues on time, you can get your credit increased quickly.

Plus, you earn up to 5% cash back on all purchases and a great welcome bonus, as follows: 0% introductory APR for six months and Cashback Match in the first year.

There are no annual or foreign transaction fees, too.

Furthermore, it motivates you to be a good student since it gives $20 as a statement credit each school year your GPA is 3.0 or higher.

Check out how easy and fast it is to get your Discover credit card!


Credit Card

Discover it® Student

Discover Rewards

ZERO annual fee, cash back on all purchases.

You will be redirected to another website


Apply online

See how to apply online. Source: Pixabay.
See how to apply online. Source: Pixabay.

Access to Discover website at and select the Credit Cards tab. Then, choose the Discover it® Student Cash Back credit card and click on Apply Now.

After that, pick your favorite card design and fill in the forms with your personal information.

If you are not a student, it will require income information. 

Finally, review terms and conditions and apply.

Apply using the app

After getting approved, go to the app store on your mobile and download the Discover app. Then, you will manage all your financial information, including your credit card spending and more.


Discover it® Student Cash Back vs. Discover it® Student Chrome

Both of these cards are pretty good choices for you. If you are a student, you might prefer the Discover it® Student Cash Back credit card. And if you are not, you might rather have the Discover it® Student Chrome card.

Discover it® Student Cash Back Discover it® Student Chrome
Credit ScorePoorFair (and no credit history required)
Annual Fee$0$0
Regular APRFrom 12.99% to 21.99%From 12.99% to 21.99%
Welcome bonusCashback Match in the first yearCashback Match program in the first year
RewardsUp to 5% cash back on all purchasesFrom 1% to 2% cash back

How to apply Discover it® Student Chrome card

The Discover it® Student Chrome credit card is a good choice for students who need a start in financial planning. See how to apply for it now!

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