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TD Rewards review: earn rewards for everyday purchases

Do you love to spend with your card and earn perks? Why not join a rewards program? Read our TD Rewards review to learn more!


by Victória Lourenço

Published on 08/25/2022

TD Rewards: get Amazon and travel rewards!

Learn how the TD Rewards can benefit you. Source: The Mister Finance.
Learn how the TD Rewards can benefit you. Source: The Mister Finance.

What is not to love about rewards? Earning something for doing the things we already do every day is a great way to add a little extra fun to our lives! So, discover a rewards program in our TD Rewards review!

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How to apply for the TD Rewards program?

Do you want discounts at Amazon, travel purchases, and more? Then, read our post about the TD Rewards application!

Rewards *Amazon, travel, gift cards, education, cash back, and other eligible rewards are found on the official website.

*Terms apply.

If you’re someone who likes to be rewarded for spending your money, you’ll want to check out TD rewards. This program from TD Bank lets you earn rewards for everyday purchases.

The everyday purchases include gas, groceries, and even dining out! Also, you can redeem your points for purchases at Amazon or travel!

So, if you’re looking for a new credit card with great rewards potential, this rewards program is definitely worth considering. Keep reading this TD Rewards review!


How does the TD Rewards program work?

With the TD Rewards program, you can use one of the eligible TD credit cards to earn incredible points and perks. Some of the cards available even have special travel rewards included!

You can use your points from the TD travel credit cards to redeem for eligible travel purchases with Expedia. Also, you can book travel with any other travel agency or website. You can even find other discounts!

Also, with an eligible TD credit card, you can redeem TD points to get discounts or even the full amount for an Amazon purchase!

Also, you can even use your points to get a variety of gift cards to use to buy groceries and gas. And you can even use them for dining out and making purchases related to entertainment!

TD Rewards benefits

Check the rewards and benefits you'll get with the TD Rewards.
Check the rewards and benefits you’ll get with the TD Rewards.

As we mentioned in this TD Reards review, you can get many benefits from this rewards program. Also, you can use credit cards to find the rewards that best fit your spending profile.

You can find cash back cards and travel cards that allow you to get different rewards and perks. However, as with any other rewards program, TD Rewards also has some downsides.

So, you can read our list below of the pros and cons of using this incredible rewards program!


  • You can redeem your points to get partial or full discounts at Amazon;
  • Earn travel rewards for purchases related to Expedia or any other travel agency;
  • Redeem your points for gift cards at a number of places;
  • Find different rewards offers and discount at the official TD Rewards website.


  • Some points can have a minimum amount to be redeemed;
  • Credit cards may not have as many benefits as other similar travel or cash back cards.

How to apply for the TD Rewards program?

To qualify for the TD Rewards program, you’ll need to have one of the eligible TD credit cards. Also, you’ll need the credit score required to get the TD credit card you want.

If you already have one of the TD Rewards credit cards, you can easily apply to be part of the TD Rewards program. Read the following content, and you’ll see how to join it.

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How to apply for the TD Rewards program?

Do you want discounts at Amazon, travel purchases, and more? Then, read our post about the TD Rewards application!

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