Can you be a millionaire by day trading? 9 myths and facts!

Have you ever wondered if you could be a millionaire by day trading? Learn 9 myths and facts about investing in this market to decide if it would be a good idea for you!

Be a millionaire by day trading: learn if it is possible

See how you can become a millionaire. Source: Canva.
See how you can become a millionaire. Source: Canva.

Nowadays, many influencers are telling people that it is possible to become a millionaire by day trading. But is it true?

Of course, most types of investments are profitable, whether in the short or long term. The key point that must be addressed relates to knowledge about the market and the investors themselves.

Any type of investment will be risky if you don’t know how to invest or even don’t know about your own investor profile.

However, before moving on, it is essential to alert you: day trading is one of the riskiest markets in the world. So, being informed can lower the risk, but it is going to be a good option for those with high tolerance to risks, still.

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How does day trading work?

Day trading refers to negotiating financial instruments in one single day. Basically, you will buy or sell securities from the moment the market opens to the moment the market closes by the end of the day.

Essentially, this modality of investing is one of the riskiest worldwide. In contrast, it can be the most profitable type of investment in the long term.

However, it is not for everyone.

In the first place, it is crucial to find out what type of investor you are. For example, if you have a low tolerance for risks, you are probably not a candidate for this market.

On the other hand, if you have funds to set aside, know the market, track your finances closely, and have a bold profile and a high-risk tolerance, day trading can make you a millionaire.

As mentioned before, it can only be profitable in the long run, though.

Are there strategies and techniques to maximize earnings and minimize losses?

You need the right strategy to earn more money. Source: Canva.
You need the right strategy to earn more money. Source: Canva.

Before starting investing in day trading, it is important to learn all about it, including strategies and techniques you can use to invest with precision and confidence.

For beginners, finding a reliable specialized online broker would be helpful. 

Also, make sure you know some of the main strategies used in this modality of investing, such as:

  • Range trading: this strategy helps determine the buying and selling trader’s decisions by pre-defined resistance levels and support;
  • High-frequency trading: it uses algorithms to find and analyze market inefficiencies;
  • Scalping: it helps get small profits from price changes throughout the day;
  • Analytical Software, including neural networks to make accurate predictions, broker integrations, pattern recognition, backtesting, and more.

Additionally, it is crucial to learn how to read charts, trading news, and use arbitrage, among other strategies and techniques. 

The key objective of learning about those indicators, tools, and resources is to maximize earnings and minimize losses. 

9 myths and facts about day trading to become a millionaire

As can be seen, day trading can be profitable. But it is only in the long term, and you need to become an expert while relying on good resources to become a millionaire.

1. Day trading is profitable in short time

Of course, that is a myth. In fact, most types of investments are for the long run.

However, in this case of day trading, you must be realistic: you won’t become rich right away.

Most of the time, you will lose money in the beginning. 

So, the fact is: day trading can be profitable in the long term.

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2. It is important to choose a broker to start investing

Yes, that’s a fact! A reliable specialized online broker will help you find a way to invest better with confidence. 

Also, make sure you know your investor profile and budget before choosing your broker.

3. Traders look for volatility, liquidity, and volume


Day trading means looking for volatility, liquidity, and volume since you will negotiate financial instruments in one day!

4. You can start investing a lot of money in day trading to earn even more!

That’s a myth. Day trading must be thought of with caution.

It is better to start small, especially because you will probably lose money in the first trades. 

So, set funds aside and plan to improve your trading skills by starting small.

5. Some good tools traders use involve trendlines, candlestick chart patterns, and others

Fact! Day trading involves getting to know a whole bunch of strategies and techniques, as mentioned before.

Those strategies can be charts, trendlines, and others.

6. You don’t need training to become a millionaire by day trading

You must train and study a lot about trading to become a millionaire. Source: Canva.
You must train and study a lot about trading to become a millionaire. Source: Canva.

Myth. Even though you can rely on a broker, you will still make decisions along the way.

So, ensure you have enough time to train yourself before negotiating in this market.

7. You can make a lot of money in one trade and become a millionaire with day trading

That’s a fact. However, this is really rare to happen, especially for beginners.

Instead of waiting for it to become a millionaire fast, focus on working on an excellent trading strategy to rely on in the near future.

8. Once you become an expert in day trading you won’t lose money

That’s a myth! Even experts lose money in this market. Day trading is a volatile universe that can change in a flash. 

So, it is essential to keep tracking it all the way and gain knowledge to avoid big surprises. 

9. You can be a millionaire with day trading

Fact! You can be a millionaire by day trading.

But, as shown, it is a long and risky path. Therefore, you must always be attentive to this type of investing.

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