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How to get the Disney Plus Streaming?

Disney has everything you and your family could want in the entertainment industry if fantastic stories are what grinds your gears! Check our post now and learn how to get Disney Plus Streaming!

Get Disney Plus Streaming today: learn how to open the multiverse of possibilities for this new streaming service!

Find out how to get Disney Plus Streaming! Source: Disney Plus
Find out how to get Disney Plus Streaming! Source: Disney Plus

Are you interested in signing up for Disney’s new on-demand service? We’ll cover everything there is to signing up for it right here! Check our post below and learn how to get Disney Plus Streaming for you and your family today and enrich your entertainment nights with the best this company has to offer!



Disney Plus

streaming Disney

A new take on streaming, now with Marvel, Star Wars, and Disney! Get it now!

You will be redirected to another website

Find out how to get Disney Plus streaming step-by-step!

Learn how to get the Disney Plus subscription! Source: Unsplash
Learn how to get the Disney Plus subscription! Source: Unsplash

We’ll cover this holistically, taking you on a journey through all the steps to get your new streaming service! So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and make sure to have enough popcorn for the brand new movie selection that is just waiting for you on the other side of the sign-up process!

Step one to get Disney Plus streaming

First, you will want to follow the link to Disney Plus’ website and click “View Other Plan Options”. This will move you to a different screen which will allow you to pick among the different plan options and their prices. There’s a monthly option, an annual option with a discount, and a full monthly package for both Disney Plus and Hulu with no ads.

Step two to get Disney Plus streaming

After choosing your desired package, you will be redirected to a sign-up screen where you’re asked to provide your email. You must then accept their terms and their subscriber agreement.

Step three to get Disney Plus streaming

Then, you must create a password to access your account with the email you’ve supplied previously. Please take note of this password and keep it safe, as you will need it to access your streaming service.

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The final step to subscribe

Then, all you need is to confirm your plan selection and enter your payment method of preference! You can choose either PayPal payment or credit and debit card.

Another great option: HBO Max

Still unsure if Disney Plus is the right fit for you? Or maybe you would just like a wider, more varied selection of titles to appease your eclectic taste? Then HBO Max might be a better option, featuring tons of self-produced content and other amazing movies and TV shows. Check it out now and learn how to get HBO’s new streaming service today!

HBO Max logo

How to get HBO Max Streaming?

Want to know how you can get access to all the amazing shows HBO has to offer? See our how-to sign-up post next and start watching these great productions today!

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